‘The Situation Cannot Be Allowed To Continue’


Scenes from an overcrowded psychiatric unit of University Hospital Waterford last week; outside the hospital this afternoon

This afternoon.

Outside University Hospital Waterford.

Psychiatric nurses and members of the Psychiatric Nurses Association protest over ongoing overcrowding at the hospital’s Acute Psychiatry Unit.

It follows The Irish Examiner publishing pictures of some patients sleeping on the floor of the unit last week.

The PNA has tweeted: “PNA is demanding that the HSE urgently address the deficit in mental health services in Waterford.

“The situation in UWH cannot be allowed to continue or repeated and the under resourcing and under staffing of the Waterford services must be addressed as a matter of urgency.”

Waterford’s psychiatric nurses to strike in overcrowding protest (The Irish Examiner)

Pics: Cllr John Hearne and Psychiatric Nurses Association

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4 thoughts on “‘The Situation Cannot Be Allowed To Continue’

  1. some old queen

    My old Da, God rest him. used to say ‘those who get paid don’t care and those who care don’t get paid’.

    What a bunch of psychopaths they are- that our most vulnerable and sick are left in such states- but sure isn’t greyhound racing more important eh?

  2. Ron

    Why doesn’t that other goon Halligan pull the plug? The people of Ireland should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to go on. The daw jawed thick Irish paddys do it again

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