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  1. f_lawless

    Military coup apparently happening in Bolivia – US backed of course.
    Fair play to Corbyn for already strongly condemning it
    “To see @evoespueblo (Evo Morales)
    who, along with a powerful movement, has brought so much social progress forced from office by the military is appalling.

    I condemn this coup against the Bolivian people and stand with them for democracy, social justice and independence.”

    No doubt Leo will have something more tepid to say on the matter

  2. Ron

    Meanwhile in the banana republic of Ireland the Independent reports on another one of the great Fianna Fail election team. The sitting Senator Lorraine Clifford Lee.

    Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee has apologised for tweets she posted in the past in which she used the words “knacker” and “Traveller” in a derogatory manner. Other Twitter messages said celebrity Kim Kardashian had a “fat arse”, the Fianna Fáil politician also told how a “black Brazilian dwarf with ginger hair” sat beside her on a bus.

    Fantastic insight there on the Kardashian ones backside. The only thing this untalented, incompetent troglodyte is sorry about is getting caught… but wait everybody… it’s ok because let’s not concentrate on the despicable racism and hate speech from the Senator because it’s all a smear campaign apparently!

    She is a politician who has served as a Senator for the Cultural and Educational panel since April 2016. Cultural and Educational panel!!! Ya couldn’t make that faeces up if you tried!!!

    It gets better….

    She is a blow in from Waterford who now lives in Donabate with her husband John Lee who is political editor of the Mail on Sunday newspaper. She just can’t take no from the electorate after they rejected her at the ballot in 2016, but she still creeps around there like a bad smell.

    But surely all this is some Waterford Whispers News story?? No, no it’s not unfortunately, this is Ireland! And wait for it… it gets better.

    She is also a solicitor and on her election to the Seanad she was appointed as the Fianna Fáil Seanad spokesperson for Justice, Children and Youth Affairs. In November 2018 she was appointed Deputy Leader of the opposition in the Seanad!

    She should be reported to the Law Society for conduct unbecoming of the profession.

    The electorate of Fingal are already well copped on to Senator, they already told her to take a hike once and they will do it again. The thing is will FF tell her to take a hike? They will not because she is representative of the incompetent filth that push the FF agenda.

    She just blew in to the wrong constituency. Somewhere like DLRD would wet themselves with glee with such a fine racist incompetent filth bag like Senator Lee.

    1. phil

      Unfortunately , there are plenty who would be delighted she made those comments , and have no issue with it …

  3. paul

    the state is failing children over online pornography? No. Parents are failing their children over online pornography but saying such gets you canned in elections.

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