The MIT Biomimetics Robotics department unleashes its pack of frisky miniature cheetah quadruped robots – each weighing about 9kg and capable of all manner of not-yet-killing-all-humans-but-let’s-face-it-its-just-a-matter-of-time shenanigans.


17 thoughts on “Cheetah Pride

  1. bisted

    …some day they’ll come up with something that you can control with a joystick in the US and kill people in another country…say, at a wedding in Afghanistan…

          1. Pat

            Totally – the Military robots aren’t. But then what is MIT doing outside (or through) Afghanistan? That’s the real issue

          2. bisted

            …zionazis have been building killing machines for decades…and testing them on Palestinians…Irish Government have even bought their drones…they may find they have a mind of their own…how do you say ‘I can’t let you do that’ in hebrew?

          3. Pat

            so Tel Aviv tested the robots it made for Afghanistan in Palestine? But surely there would be footage of these dog robots running around Gaza. I never saw anything like that before. It’s a great story though

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