I’ve Been Smeared


Fianna Fáil Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee


2011 Tweets from Fianna Fáil Seanad Spokesperson on Justice, Children and Youth Affairs Lorraine Clifford-Lee

This morning.

Asked by the Irish Independent for a comment on her controversial tweets, Fianna Fail Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee said the tweets referred to are from as far back as 2011 and were posted long before she became involved in electoral politics.

“I want to be absolutely clear, the tweets were wrong and I apologise for any hurt or offence caused by them,” she said.

While it does suit some people to take my tweets out of context for their own right wing agenda, I hope that the people of Dublin Fingal will not be distracted by personal smear campaigns such as this.

“Anyone who has worked with me since my election to the Seanad three years ago can confirm the role I played in promoting progressive policies.”

Senator apologises for ‘Traveller’ and ‘dwarf’ tweets but claims she is victim of smear campaign (Independent.ie)

EXCLUSIVE: FF by-election candidate complained about “black, Brazilian dwarf” sitting beside her (Gript)


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85 thoughts on “I’ve Been Smeared

  1. Ron

    Meanwhile in the banana republic of Ireland, another one of the great Fianna Fail election team. The sitting Senator Lorraine Clifford Lee.

    Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee has apologised for tweets she posted in the past in which she used the words “knacker” and “Traveller” in a derogatory manner. Other Twitter messages said celebrity Kim Kardashian had a “fat arse”, the Fianna Fáil politician also told how a “black Brazilian dwarf with ginger hair” sat beside her on a bus.

    Fantastic insight there on the Kardashian ones backside. The only thing this untalented, incompetent troglodyte is sorry about is getting caught… but wait everybody… it’s ok because let’s not concentrate on the despicable racism and hate speech from the Senator because it’s all a smear campaign apparently!

    She is a politician who has served as a Senator for the Cultural and Educational panel since April 2016. Cultural and Educational panel!!! Ya couldn’t make that faeces up if you tried!!!

    It gets better….

    She is a blow in from Waterford who now lives in Donabate with her husband John Lee who is political editor of the Mail on Sunday newspaper. She just can’t take no from the electorate after they rejected her at the ballot in 2016, but she still creeps around there like a bad smell.

    But surely all this is some Waterford Whispers News story?? No, no it’s not unfortunately, this is Ireland! And wait for it… it gets better.

    She is also a solicitor and on her election to the Seanad she was appointed as the Fianna Fáil Seanad spokesperson for Justice, Children and Youth Affairs. In November 2018 she was appointed Deputy Leader of the opposition in the Seanad!

    She should be reported to the Law Society for conduct unbecoming of the profession.

    The electorate of Fingal are already well copped on to Senator, they already told her to take a hike once and they will do it again. The thing is will FF tell her to take a hike? They will not because she is representative of the incompetent filth that push the FF agenda.

    She just blew in to the wrong constituency.

      1. Ron

        I have no doubt your right. that’s the daw jawed thick Irish paddy voter syndrome I always refer to, and I have no doubt you would be first in line to vote for her. Leading the pack. Go you, the leader.

          1. Ron

            which bigot are you waffling on about now? Lorraine Clifford Lee? I can only hope that the daw jawed electorate don’t vote for her. but they already did… to the Seanad… You need to read faster and keep up.

          2. some old queen

            The problem with this sort of thing is it multiplies by its number every time. There is growing resentment in that area Daisy- how much of it is prepared to use their vote to make a statement remains to be seen.

      1. V

        That’s not the way I’d put it Dill

        Activity from the pre Snowflake Woke’ism era

        I reckon the whole thing just sent her a 1000 or so more votes
        But shur
        We’ll all know on the 30th
        And tis going to be some craic in that count centre

  2. Joe Small

    I have more sympathy for someone who has emails or text messages hacked – we all say things in private we would never say in public. However, publicly posted messages from 2011 are fair game. Apology reads as “I’m sorry I was indiscreet in public in 2011, I’m a lot more careful these days.”

  3. Jonickal

    It’s not just one bad tweet. There’s loads of them!

    And she’s been involved in politics since well before 2011 so she can’t hide behind that either.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      And if you think about it….. we get these ‘she did it years ago’ lines. But, years ago, when she was writing these tweets she was already a member of FF (and a 30 year old Solicitor) no doubt with high hopes. So, the faithful in FF would have ‘followed’ her tweets and would have known her views and hang ups, and obviously had no problems with them.

  4. Dr.Fart

    oh so she can say knacker but i can’t! cmon, Broadsheet, seems like it’s one rule for dubious online comment section doctors and another for disgraced racist politicians.

  5. Cian

    The knacker stuff is plain wrong.

    However I don’t think the “black, Brazilian dwarf with ginger hair “is racist. It is a description of a person.

    Seeing a person with Ginger hair is not unusual – about 10% of us are ginger. (1 in 10)
    Seeing a black person is not unusual – about 1.4% are black. (1 in 73) [2016 Census]
    Seeing a Brazilian person is a bit unusual – about 0.3% are Brazilian. (1 in 350) [2016 Census]
    Seeing a little person is very unusual – about 0.005% are little people. (1 in 20,000 births)

    Seeing a black, Brazilian dwarf with ginger hair is highly unusual and worthy of note.

    1. Jonickal

      But that story is probably fake. She made it up so she could tweet something outrageous to get a kick out of it.

    2. Brother Barnabas

      what I take from this comment is that cian is indeed ginger – as well as being caucasian and of average height

    3. GiggidyGoo

      ‘Worthy of note’ ROFL. I’m sure she went through all kinds of statistics before she posted that tweet.
      No qualms about what part of the FFGsetup you end up being an apologist for rh Cian?

      1. Cian

        Sorry, am I upsetting your mental image? Everything has to be party-political with you.

        Perhaps if you take your “blu-tinted glasses” off when you read my posts your blood pressure might improve.

          1. Cian

            Who is actually taking offence?
            The Ginger community? The Brazilian community? The Black community? The Dwarf Community?

            Or the white, middle-class, pearl-clutching, politically correct community?

    1. paul

      came here to post this.

      *Pours bucket of slime over own head*

      “ahh, who did this to me? Please ignore what I’ve done despite me not doing it.”

  6. some old queen

    Oh ffs- I have heard plenty of people use the term ‘knacker’ and it had nothing to with travellers, especially around Dublin- knacker= scumbag or similar.

    Traveller weddings have a certain look do they not? OTT, ostentatious bling and more slap than a drag queen- it’s their taste so good luck to them.

    Since when did commenting on the Kardashian backside become offensive? She made a career out of it BECAUSE it is so big.

    The only thing about the Black Brazilian Redhead Dwarf which bothers me is how did she know he was Brazilian? Dwarf is the correct term btw.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      2012 Clifford tweet.

      “Pretty damn proud how many people are for romney. Get the stupid monkey out of the office”

      1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

        I don’t think that’s right. Full text reads:
        “Disgraceful comment RT @kacey_kittycat: Pretty damn proud how many people are for romney. Get the stupid monkey out of the office”

        So she’s contrary to that racist opinion. (While still taking a dim view of her car thieves, and not keeping her amusement to herself vis-a-vis Red Dwarf)

          1. Ghost of Yep

            The one above you donut….wait…I’m not being taken seriously anonymously commenting on the internet?… that’s low even for you.

          1. Ghost of Yep

            You misrepresented what Clifford said with your omission. Knowingly trying to dig her a bigger hole I suspect. Was it accidental? If so you should probably apologise to the BS community.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            What exactly did I misrepresent? She wrote that tweet in reply to kacey_kittycat.
            SHE wrote it. No misrepresentation. What context (seeing as you’re into contextual matters) do you think she has in mind with the reference to ‘monkey’.

        1. some old queen

          I actually spent a weekend in a hotel full of dwarfs- they met once a year apparently- started off with me doing LOL texts and ended up questioning myself. I have legs which if they were any longer would be late and never notice other people’s height- unless very in either direction.

          So after clubbing and in a state of chemical undress on the Sunday morning, I decided to try eating something when I got back to the hotel. This pup jumped up on the chair in front of my eggs and stared- no words- just ‘a WTF are you doing here’ look. I was being non-vocally bullied by a teen dwarf while coming down off MDMA- yup- how many have that t shirt?

          On the Sunday evening I hung around and watched them hug and kiss and promise to keep in touch and get on busses and call taxis and stroll off- one of the least expected and most educational weekends of my life because- we were in town for ..*\The Gay Pride/*..

          My point is that sometimes there is a difference between ignorance and prejudice.

          1. Cú Chulainn

            Hmmm… coming down off of a couple of yokes.. Sunday morning.. able for solids.. honest question: did the thought of riding one or more enter your mind.

    2. Cú Chulainn

      Absolutely.. and her car was stolen, giving her some leeway. GO’D wasn’t always completely bonkers. Even BS liked her. A political who speaks her mind and we complain.

  7. Ron

    what’s wrong with referring to Filth Bag? it’s a descriptor used to describe someone that’s like a plastic bag full of filth.

    What did you write that was less harsh?

  8. :-Joe


    Another F-f/g inverted “Final Girl” blonde trope bites the dust… It’s becoming a genuinely bizarre cliche at this stage…

    A sub-genre of a sub-genre of our horror-politics where a woman, who must be blonde(legally or otherwise but definitely politically naive) is hired to make Mickey”Montgomery Burns”Martin look human-like by distracting your eyes away from his lizard-like textures and abysmal career history, will then either quit because of a loss of innocence(political naivety) or somehow get killed off out of the narrative in another way before each and every next election.

    How do you not already know that the F-f/g anti-democracy party are collectively all a bunch of elitist, classist, xenophobic, racists who don’t care about people? The system incubates and gestates these people with this, their natural kind of behaviour and It’s been the same situation for more than a half-century! Wake up all you confused, faux-woke’y people…

    Hahahaaah… Smear campaigin?… Hilarious stuff….. Minister for justice in waiting…


  9. Pip

    “Hi Maria, it’s Lorraine.
    What should I do?”
    “Well first, say loudly, clearly and slowly that you’ve DONE NOTHING WRONG HERE.
    That should be an end to it.”

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      “Hi Lorraine, Its me Peter Casey.
      Why not go full ‘Peter Casey’ with your misjudged comments?”

        1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

          In the fictional dialogue, Casey suggests that Clifford-Lee’s comments were misjudged.
          He offers no opinion on the subject of his own judgement – which did indeed instantly play very well for him.

  10. :-Joe

    Ahh.hahahaaaah…. the gag that keeps on giving…

    “right-wing agenda”…. hahaha….

    F-f/g = f + g working together to create the illusion of democracy in a binary choice political monopoly and racketeering system.

    F = Fine to be a..
    f = Failure (Morally Conservative / Politically Right Wing )
    g = Gowl (Morally Conservative / Politically Right Wing )

    The majority of the country votes for classical liberal and progressive values at approx 75% yet this anti-democracy party represents the 25% of morally extremist conservative values.

    Your vote is kind of useless if you buy into a rigged system but you can always wake up and vote for independents instead from now on, until we get real politics, proportional representation and a basic functioning democracy.


        1. A Person

          No I thinking of the Murphy bros. non UDA heads, and Dublin Jimmy, a well known shinner. If you are going to spin, try using some truth.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            The DUP/UDA driver of the 39 truck in the UK was no shinned now was he. So, I have written the truth therefore.

          2. :-Joe

            Local thugs (or SF as you call them) VS The F-f/g establishment party for corrupt liberal economic policies, disaster capitalism and regime change wars.

            A vote for F-f/g is a vote to bomb children in Syria, Yemen, Iran, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan etc etc overthrow governments in South America and then steal all their natural resources and murder anyone who gets in the way of a puppet leader for wall street greed.

            SF or any other thugs in Ireland are not the problem….


      1. :-Joe

        It wasn’t that complicated to read and understand was it?..

        “VOTE LOCAL INDEPENDENT” is what I am saying, not any particular candidate or ideology or any party politics system.

        People who constantly moan about SF being terorists are simpletons who have been brainwashed by the F-f/g establishment.

        SF could not have been any worse than what the F-f/g establishment have been doing for the last 50+ years.

        It’s slightly depressing knowing you can’t see or understand that fact and you seem convinved that if you don’t vote for one half of F-f/g then you are automatically helping to elect SF.

        YOU ARE WRONG. I’ve never voted SF as a 1st choice and never F-f/g at all. If you can’t see the benefit of voting good people into opposition as independent alternatives then you are politically naive.


        You daft eejit, people can change thoough, so there is still some hope.


        1. A Person

          Yes, let’s all vote for a hurler on the ditch. Those people who don’t have to or are incapable of making a decision. B Smith, live after the last election “I’m not going into govt”. The left controlling DCC for the last 10 years – how many houses built? Shane Ross is an independent, Boxer Moran, Fintan McGrath I could go on. What have they achieved. HOW YOU VOTE IS HOW YOU ARE GOVERNED. And typical lefty comment,if you don’t agree, you are an eegit, or over 60 or bs like your comment above. SF supporters in the last few weeks have proved they are still scum. Shut down debate with crude comments, spin, and torture. A democracy does not, and should not run on these traits.

  11. curmudgeon

    Dunno bout you lot but I don’t need crass tweets to know a politician is dodgy, membership of Fianna Fáil is a dead giveaway.

  12. Lilly

    I work with a Brazilian knacker with a fat arse.

    Oh dear, I deserve 10 Hail Marys and a glory bee for that. Thank Christ I’m not a politician.

  13. Ron

    And what about those Social Democrats and the O Devaney Gardens issue. Has Gary Gannons ego driven need for headlines in newspapers, good or bad destroyed their chances of any new seats in Dublin?

    This image perfectly sets out their political roadmap


  14. GiggidyGoo

    Her local director of elections made a right hames of his interview on drivetime earlier. No sign of herself coming on air.

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