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    1. Harry

      From having spoken with a few people from there, they weren’t that thrilled when the learned there would be refugees coming initially, and there were protests but these were confined to meetings and letters.

      The reasons they were not happy included that they already had an immigrant population that were of a certain religion and from certain part of Asia. These immigrants are in Ballagh for quite a few years but do not seem to wish to integrate at all and do not contribute to the community. In addition, they are seen as a population who exist solely on social welfare which they then send to their country of origin.

      And this is why no asylum seekers were wanted. However, the asylum seekers that arrived in the past few years have all been from Syria and, in the words of one aul lad, “You’ll not meet a finer bunch of people.”

      Since they have arrived they are seen as a wonderful addition to the town in that they work hard to give back by being part of the community, getting involved with sports and initiatives, and getting to know the locals and vice versa.

      It’s hoped this will rub off on the original population so there can be greater harmony.

      But it is a good story of how immigration and asylum seekers can work in a small town and is something we should hear more of. Is also something authorities should be mindful of when determining who to send to small towns where only a small number of people can have a huge proportional impact.

      1. missred

        Apparently it is sport which has been an important bridge for the community. They won’t allow their girls to join in though, which is a shame and an outrage.

  1. some old queen

    Something that perplexes is why so many from Pakistan coming to Ireland and yet so few from India. Both countries would have roughly the same standard of living and neither is a war zone. The only real difference from the outside is that one is largely Muslim and the other is Hindu- which is why they were divided in the first place of course.

      1. some old queen

        That suggest a two tier system- illegal Muslims vs legal Hindus?

        Both encouraged to remain in Ireland of course.

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