Behold:  the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Steel watch ( ref. 6300A-010) – a thing of beauty and great mechanical subtlety.

Its stainless steel reversible case has two dials. One tells the time, date, and moon phase – all rendered in rose gold. the opposing ebony dial displays calendar information. There are twenty complications, including five acoustic functions, an alarm that strikes the preprogrammed time and a repeater that sounds the date on demand. The strap is hand-stitched black alligator leather.

But never mind all that.

Last Friday, it sold at auction for €28 million, (the previous record, for a Rolex Daytona being €16.1 million) making it the world’s most expensive wristwatch.


14 thoughts on “Wrist Candy

  1. Paulus

    A guy at the bar checks the time very ostentatiously on his Patek Philippe watch.
    Another guy beside asks what time it is:

    “Its 9.14 exactly” says our friend proudly.

    The other guy pulls up his sleeve to reveal a $20 Timex and says;
    “Yeah, same here”,

  2. Pip

    Imagine having the chance to chat with the owner of said watch.
    What on earth would one say?
    Can’t imagine they’d really want a proper chat, though.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      you’re opening Gambit could be
      Time is a mental construct used to make sense of movement,

  3. scottser

    a mate of my flatmate brought this guy over once, who works in a watch shop. he was there with his fancy pilot’s watch, explaining how the glass was unbreakable and proceeded to pick up a knife and start hammering the watch face with it.
    we had no words of comfort for the poor lad. me, if i want to know the time i check my phone.

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