Free tomorrow?

At 7pm in The Big Romance, Parnell Street, Dublin 1.

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett will launch ‘Working for the Clampdown: The Clash, the Dawn of Neoliberalism and the Political Promise of Punk‘ edited by Colin Coulter, a senior lecturer in sociology at Maynooth University.

Colin says:

“Few bands can match the enduring influence and appeal of The Clash. The Clash broadened the cultural and political horizons of their audience and, for many, came to exemplify the power of music as a force for radical social change. Their musical tastes becoming ever more eclectic and their political field of vision ever more global…”

The dozen essays include those by Irish authors Coulter, Harry Browne, Kieran Cashell and Conrad Brunström.

Working for the Clampdown, published by Manchester University Press, costs £19.99 sterling and is now available in Irish bookshops.

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8 thoughts on “Dublin Calling

  1. Joe Small

    Great to know the Sociology Department in Maynooth is putting out this kind of output now that inequality in Ireland has been eradicated. Give that man tenure…again!

    1. scottser

      The new groups are not concerned
      With what there is to be learned
      They got Burton suits, ha, you think it’s funny
      Turning rebellion into money

      1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

        Dont get me wrong, I’m familiar with their work but I prefer the Pistols.

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