Take Your Partner


From top: Laura Nolan, Steven Vincent, Kylee Vincent  and Pasquale La Rocca



The new ‘pros’ on Adultery Dancing With The Stars.

This afternoon.

Via RTÉ:

It’s that time of the year again when the professional dancers will don their sequins and reunite to begin rehearsals for the brand new series of Dancing with the Stars.

The new dancers will be in good hands when they join returning seasoned DWTS pros; John Nolan, Karen Byrne, Robert Rowiński, Giulia Dotta, Kai Widdrington, Emily Barker and Ryan McShane as they prepare for another season of show stopping routines as only they know how.

New to the professional dancer line-up this year are Laura Nolan, Pasquale La Rocca, Kylee Vincent and Steven Vincent.

Over the coming weeks the pro team will sweat it out and pull out all the stops to go bigger and better as they gear up for another spectacular series of Dancing with the Stars.

NO affairs!


Dancing With The Stars

Pic: RTÉ

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7 thoughts on “Take Your Partner

      1. scundered

        when you think about it, two of them have their faces painted, one has an arm coloured in, and then they all get smoothed out for the ultimate 1970s mannequin look :)

  1. Praetorian.

    Kylee Vincent or Janet Jackson….
    you decide…either way,absolutely stunning.

    ‘turns off light,pulls up duvet’

  2. Andrew

    Public service broadcasting. Increase the fee to pay for this
    “We have to ask ourselves do we want Irish TV and Irish people on our screens, or are we all happy with looking at UK TV, Netflix or US TV?”
    “If RTÉ isn’t correctly funded, it can’t run the schedules as it’s been running.

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