‘The Government Needs To Ensure It Delivers For This Family’


From top: Sinn Fein TD Martin Kenny; Lucia and Jim O’Farrell and their late son, Shane

This afternoon.

At 1pm, the Dáil will vote on a Fianna Fáil motion regarding the terms of reference into a review of Shane O’Farrell’s death by Judge Gerard Haughton.

On Tuesday night, after Fianna Fáil moved its motion, Sinn Féin introduced an amendment.

SInn Fein TD Martin Kenny said:

“Sinn Féin has tabled an amendment to the motion, which we will move. It is a very short amendment and relates to the relationship, official and unofficial, of Mr. Gridziuska with An Garda Síochána handlers of informers.

We feel, as would anyone looking at this situation, there is an issue here that has not been recognised heretofore and that needs to be included in any scoping exercise or fair review of what happened because we believe that that particular issue has in many cases around the country led to tragic circumstances.

This is only one of such tragic circumstances.

The Minister’s pronouncement that he is determined to recognise that the law has to be followed and to ensure that it is followed properly in all of this would sound good if we were in a situation where people could see evidence of that.

The evidence before us is that the Government is continuing to shift the situation to one side and to ensure that that will not happen.

I hope that the Minister will withdraw the Government amendment this evening, that both the Government and Fianna Fáil will accept our amendment, which was tabled in good faith, and that the Government will support the amended motion to ensure it delivers on this.

Supporting this motion, which undoubtedly will get through when it is voted on at the end of this week, is only one thing. It puts in place a motion that does not bind the Government but it needs to step up to the mark and ensure it delivers for this family.”

Later, Fianna Fail TD Jim O’Callaghan said:

“I have not had an opportunity to consider the Sinn Féin amendment but, to judge from what Deputy Adams stated, the issue Sinn Féin seems to want to have included is whether or not the Lithuanian man was in any way involved in working as an informer for An Garda Síochána.

I had never heard that before, I am not aware of it and I do not think it has been suggested before.”

Transcript here.

More as we get it.

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2 thoughts on “‘The Government Needs To Ensure It Delivers For This Family’

  1. Jake38

    This runs the risk of deflecting from the real issue here, which is the utter failure of the justice system and the farcical bail and sentencing laws in this country. And the death of an innocent young man.

  2. Otis Blue

    When it came to matters of law and order Zigimantas Gridzuiska appeared to lead a charmed existence.

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