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  1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    “I have no recollection of meeting that lady.” So, it happened but the Prince hopes to get away with it.It is strange that the English want to leave the EU but are happy to be ruled by this mob (and the Tories).

      1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

        To be fair, I’ve seen a fair few pictures of mygoodself at parties of which I have little to no recollection

        1. millie vanilly strikes again

          I’d say the same myself. Not sure it’s enough to excuse Andy though. These rumours have followed him for years and they aren’t going anywhere.

          1. Nullzero

            They should have got those “paedo hunters” off YouTube to follow him into the Palace calling him a nonce whilst informing him the police are on the way.

    1. Bud Flanagan

      It’s the UK which has voter to leave the EU and not just the English.
      And the Royal Family plays no part in ruling the country in much the same way as Micky D wields no power in Dublin.
      But at least you’re right about the Tories if the current opinion polls are to be believed.
      Are you still in second level education by any chance because if you are I’d ask for your money back.

        1. Bud Flanagan

          Wales is a constituent part of the United Kingdom as are England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
          Is this difficult for you to understand ?
          The ignorance is strong on here today. It’s almost as if the carers of the mentally deficient of Ireland are all having the same day off.

      1. Rosette of Sirius

        This is a funny post. Ad hominem on education levels but can barley string a coherent sentence let alone utilize correct spelling, grammar or syntax! The Internet. You lose.

      2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        My third level education is paying the bills, thanks. When I said “England”, I meant England. They are the ones that want to leave the EU and are happy to be ruled by the Royal family and Tories. The rest of the UK have a different view. Last time I looked, the Queen was on every piece of UK currency. She is the head of state.

    1. V

      I’d be very surprised if she does anything of the sort
      Even if it succeeded she’d be a spent docket

      We definitely haven’t seen or heard the last of her
      I can’t see her running as an Independent
      But I wouldn’t be at all surprised for herself and Renua to be a rumour

      1. martco

        or go do some conniving lobbying gig work for a while then make a return in the next GE +1 when the burghers of DLR have all long forgotten & because, like, she’s a grand lassie & didn’t the da do great things for Cuala etcetera

        imho they have successfully completed their damage limitation project

        one thing for sure, she has all the skills to keep on truckin

        1. martco

          eh Broadsheet

          I see you directly edited what I wrote and in doing so completely changed the meaning of what I wrote

          that’s not acceptable imo

          whilst I understand your need to edit occasionally for say foul language use, at least someone reading the comment (silly as the rework might be) still gets the gist

          I wrote:
          one thing for sure, she has all the
          sociopath skills to keep on truckin

          you edited that to:
          one thing for sure, she has all the
          skills to keep on truckin

          that’s completely offside

      2. bisted

        …FG in DunLaoghaire and Dublin Bay South run a private polling system that has proved highly accurate over the years…it has allowed them to maximise their vote in the area to the extent that they bucked the trend in the last election and increased the FG vote…Bailey will have lost access to this data but knows that any chance she has of being elected depends on having the FG endorsement…but then…

        1. V

          In fairness Bisto
          The FF and FG and more lately and in some key seats, the Shinners, have election machines across Dáil constituencies
          Especially the more traditional and established constituencies ( ones that haven’t merged or had a changing demographic profile)
          Or a Healy Rae
          Always have spot on polling info

          Those parties know it’s all about getting that vote that they know is theirs out on the day
          So it’s not in their interests to be canvassing a vote they know isn’t going for them
          And it explains the general sharing of data that’s not sensitive, like in a close run competitive seat
          That’s where lads might get b1tchy with each other

          Overall tho’
          You’ll find more shenanigans between candidates on the same ticket than anything else

          If Maria Bailey doesn’t return to the Dáil after the next GE
          And decides the Seanad is her next move, she’ll have to actually run
          And those voters love their main party candidates
          So she’ll be in with a shout
          Especially as I’d say there’s enough South County Dublin and off similar mind to herself eligible to vote

          The Seanad is the best gig in Ireland
          I voted to shaft it
          But if I was offered a freebie nomination – Like Joan Freeman or James Reilly
          I’d be all over it lads

          Ye’d never hear the end of it
          Senator V

          1. Cian

            Not quite. There are 2 seats that FG should be able to take quite easily…. as long as they put forward half decent candidates

            Unfortunately the current two are Maria Baley and Mary Mitchell O’Connor. Neither are (IMHO) near half decent. I’m presuming that Sean Barrett will retire.

          2. V

            So Fine Gael are running less than half decent candidates Cian?
            And one of the names you provided there is a Minister

            Just shows that FG HQ don’t really give a poo about actually Governing

  2. f_lawless

    The Independent doing a disservice to any readers trying to make some sense of the Trump ‘conspiracy with Russia’ saga. The charges Stone was found guilty of all stem from his false claims that he had an illicit connection with Wikileaks. None of those charges relate to Russia. That’s the key takeaway, further undermining the conspiracy theory. Shouldn’t they make that clear?

    1. Verbatim

      And Trump intimidating the Ambassador, what tosh! Sure, the Tweet was a willy move, (they didn’t have to read it out live to her either), they’re clutching at straws.

  3. Lilly

    Heard Waterford Whispers on radio just now. Apparently they got a solicitor’s letter from Denis for headline, ‘O’Brien arrested in parallel universe over Moriarty findings’.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Dinster can afford to retain solicitors again, now that he’s getting a few billion of our tax euros to own the national broadband infrastructure on our behalf.

  4. some old queen

    Story during the week about a gang of armed ‘anti fascists’ attacking a group on a Luas travelling to an anti-Islam demonstration- None of the attackees were ever even arrested but the gang were all convicted. Luas has full CCTV- I doubt if that ever even occurred to these clowns.

    Now whatever your views on the demonstration, it was peaceful which is a hell of a lot more than Sharia law which is part and parcel of Islam. It says that women who commit adultery, homosexuals, apostates and anyone who criticizes Muhammed or Islam should be killed.

    Online, ‘smash the fash’ slogans are accompanied by violent imagery except the word ‘fascist’ appears to be whatever they think at the time so- who is really the brown shirts?

    The dichotomy of the Irish left- we hate facisim but welcome the strict ruled based Islam ideology- anyone home? Just yesterday Jeremy Corbyn‘s British Labour party revoked its open immigration policy because in their heartlands it was political suicide.

    It is like the left and right have inverted- Left = boot boys and right = intellectuals. And even worse- the Left doing the government’s dirty work by slurring rural communities because they don’t want a 20% odd increase in their population overnight- LITERALLY overnight.

    What the hell is going on? As a gay man these Luas thugs do not represent me or anyone I know. I make no apology for challenging Islam in Ireland because if like the UK where over half of Muslims believe homosexuality should be a criminal offence- I have every right to do so.

    1. some old queen

      Consider the ‘For Britain’ UK party of which Morrissey has been pillared- an Irish lesbian and a Pakistani ex-muslim woman at the helm- text book ‘fascists’ eh?

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