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Thank Broadsheet it’s Friday.

To celebrate the bright new dawn that is the weekend, I’m giving away a highly coveted Golden Discs voucher worth a lip-smacking €25.

To enter, simply tell me below what is your favourite song featuring the saxophone?

Here’s mine.

The winner will be chosen by my pet gerbil.

Lines MUST close at 3.15pm EXTENDED until 5.45pm 9.15pm MIDNIGHT Fupp it! We’re going thru until 6am! YOKESYOKESYOKES

Nick says: Good luck!


from top: at the launch of the new Golden DIscs store in Jervis Street. from left: Zoe – Golden Discs, Nicole – Golden Discs, customer Tamas Zsitnyanszki, customer Boviz Adrianna, Adam Layton – Golden Discs and Kibby – Golden Discs. Golden Discs CEO Stephen Fitzgerald

Free tomorrow?

Golden Discs will open a flagship store in Dublin’s Jervis Shopping Centre, Jervis Street, Dublin 1

It follows recent store openings in Drogheda, Sligo and Tralee and brings the total number of Golden Discs stores nationwide to 21.

Golden Discs writes:

The vinyl renaissance is driving this expansion, and the flagship Jervis store will be a whopping 2,500 square feet full of new release and deep catalogue vinyl.

The store will also stock a broad range of turntables, headphones and speakers as well as an extensive range of CD, DVD, Boxset and Blu-ray releases.

In addition, the store will carry the groups largest ‘Loot Vault’ section with an increasing array of T-shirts, posters, games, books and limited-edition collectibles for sale. Golden Discs Jervis will be a one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs, perfect for the busy shopper in the run up to Christmas.

CEO Stephen Fitzgerald says:

‘Having only one city-centre store in Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, we have been inundated with requests to return to the Henry Street shopping district. Our team has spent a lot of time looking for the right space and we believe this spacious flagship store will be a superb return to the Jervis Shopping Centre.’

In fairness.

Golden Discs

Pics: Aidan Oliver

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97 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Voucher

        1. missred

          George Michael has some seriously sexy tunes, love girding my loins/gyrating to the above and also to Outside. Can’t get a fella not to be blushing by it though

    1. f_lawless

      Some pop trivia – did you know that the riff in question was most likely lifted from a jazz-rock tune written 10 years earlier? It might explain why Raphael Ravenscroft, who played sax on Baker’s Street, never pursued Gerry Rafferty for any royalties despite only ever being paid £27 for his work. Judge for yourself: ‘Steve Marcus – Half a Heart’

  1. Paulus

    To Nick, who’s this challenge creator:
    Let me say that you’re some operator
    You say the deadline is nigh
    when we know that’s a lie
    Because it’s bound to be pushed back till later.

    Oh and; Baker Street.
    (C’mon someone had to say it).

  2. dylad

    Walk on the Wlid Side. – Lou Reed. Has the best and shortest sax solo ever, by David Bowie’s sax teacher and jazz legend Ronnie Ross.

  3. nicorigo

    I was going to say my lovely horse by Ted and Dougal but they got rid of the sax solo in the end….

  4. Pip

    David Bowie’s Starman.
    That song had such a profound effect on me in so many ways.
    The sax solo and Mick Ronson’s stellar, yet fairly simple, guitar solo too.
    I don’t need no player to hear this timeless classic in my head
    Let all the children boogie…..

  5. Me

    Nervous Man Nervous by the late, great Big J McNeely.
    He was still playing up his death last year, aged 91. I saw him a few years ago backed by a full band, in a bright red three piece suit and matching hat. Pure old school R’n’B.
    The most popular image of him from the 50s, lying on his back on the stage palying with people pounding the stage to the music sums it up well

  6. Robert

    It’d have to be Johnny Logan singing Shay Healy’s ‘What’s Another Year’…
    with Colin Tully on sax.
    Starts with a sax, and has that sax solo kicking in at 2.30!
    The song that scored Ireland its second Eurovision victory – words that we shall never hear again: ‘Ireland – Eurovision – Victory’

  7. Slightly Bemused

    I would like to take a moment and acknowledge one of our own, the wonderful Barry Cluskey, saxophonist extrordinaire! Through my childhood and early adulthood he taught me to love the sax, as he played in the local pubs, bars and clubs around where I grew up. A great supporter of local events, and a regular at the Cork Jazz Festival, the man was a genius.

    I tried to find a decent clip of him on sax, but the best I found was this of him on clarinet just chilling in the pub down the road.

  8. Kingfisher

    Woulda said that spooky hymn the grim tide of Thatcherism lifting all boats, The Specials’ Ghost Town

    but apparently that’s a trombone; well, sorry for my tin ear. But for something of the same wry-mouthed watch on a collapsing society, how’s about Renato Carosone’s Tu Vuò Fa’ L’Americano

    I particularly like the ladylike way the double bass player pushes his bandmate out of his face. Yes, and the saxes.

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