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Via TG4:

TG4 will air ‘A Jar with Brendan Behan’ tonight at 20:30 in memory of actor and comedian Niall Tóibín who passed away this week.

‘A Jar with Breandan Behan’ is a one man show from 1970 starring Niall Tóibín as Behan.

The film was only aired once before on Irish television, on TG4 earlier this year. Directed by Bergette Pierre who at the time was a researcher in RTÉ, and produced and shot by Godfrey Graham.

Tóibín was known for his portrayal of Behan, starring in ‘Borstal Boy’ many times in the Abbey Theatre and Broadway and winning a Tony Award for it.

This is a rare chance to see this one man show from 1970 where Niall Tóibín plays Brendan Behan, as only he can.

A Jar with Brendan Behan’at 20.30 on TG4.

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