The Convention Centre, Dublin


At the Convention Centre in Dublin.

Insurance Ireland will be holding its seventh Annual Fraud Conference. To wit:

“Insurance Ireland will again convene an array of leading speakers from across the industry and beyond.

The theme of this year’s Insurance Ireland Fraud Conference is ‘The Cost of Fraud to Society’.

The programme will outline some of the various knock-on effects of fraud on our society, from the monetary impact on small businesses and the self-insuring business model, to the societal and resource impact of the current ‘claims culture’, and the priorities the industry must address in collaboration with various stakeholders.”

Meanwhile, RTÉ reports:

Chief Justice Frank Clarke is one of several speakers who will address the Insurance Ireland event at the Convention Centre.

Increasing compensation payouts and claims of ongoing fraud are huge issues and the insurance industry is seeking to address them at the conference.

It has been claimed that some payouts are more than four times higher in Ireland compared to those in the UK and a long-promised Judicial Council is meant to look at the issue.

Insurance Ireland Fraud Conference 2019

Insurance Ireland conference to address fraud, compensation payouts (RTÉ)

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9 thoughts on “Swing By?

  1. Pip

    Keynote speaker is someone called Maria Bailey.
    Evidently, and I choose the word carefully, has some experience in this area.
    Sadly this particular event is hopelessly overbooked.

  2. Clampers Outside

    Pearse Doherty should be giving the key note speech for this conference – a lecture on the industries own fraudulent pricing practice.

    ( Yes, I am praising a Shinner. It’s not exactly rare as hen’s teeth, but not common, in fairness :0)

    Give due where it’s due.)

  3. george

    Someone should ask them why premiums are going up while payouts are going down.
    Insurance is a business based on trying your best to offer nothing of value for the highest possible price.
    Grubby business with great PR. Needs a big shake up.

  4. Joe Small

    I hope the insurance companies also discuss raised premiums covering other investment losses in their businesses. While we’d all like to believe its just the legal profession, the truth is rarely that straightforward.

  5. Iwerzon

    Also, claimants who have been deemed to have ‘exaggerated’ a claim should be pursued with the full vigour of the law. This, I put to yizzer all, will make people think twice. The Gardai should have a department investigating false claims.

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