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A fairly convincing but fraudulent email purporting to be from Student Universal Support Ireland currently doing the rounds.

SUSI sez:

This email is not an official SUSI email and the internet link contained within this email does not connect you to SUSI’s official On-line Student Grant Application System. Please note that SUSI’s official On-line Student Grant Application System is accessible at www.grantsonline.ie


More as they get it.


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A former Anglo Irish Bank clerk has been given a suspend sentence for defrauding his employer of €200,000 while the bank was being nationalised.

[Gordon] O’Brien had set the money aside “as a war chest” because he was going to lose his job in the wind-up of the bank.

His counsel said his wife was also going to lose her job with another bank and his son had just been diagnosed with autism and faced having his education grant cut.

At Dublin Circuit Criminal Court today Judge Patricia Ryan sentenced O’Brien to four years in prison, but suspended it full for three years.

The Limerick man committed the fraud by transferring clients’ money into several bank accounts he controlled. He would then take money from internal Anglo accounts and put it into the clients’ accounts to make them appear in order.

No jail for former Anglo employee who defrauded bank of €200,000 (Breaking News)


A man with one leg was accused of being a benefit cheat – because officials had examined the wrong limb. Former lorry driver Robert Punter, 63, was hauled before court and accused of falsely claiming benefits despite having his left leg amputated in January. The confusion over his benefit claims was because he also later suffered a serious toe injury to his right foot.

Mr Punter, from Newton Abbot, Devon, made a full recovery from the toe injury but the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) mistakenly believed he was claiming benefits for it. After worrying about his appearance at Exeter crown court for months, the case was thrown out in less than five minutes after Emily Pitts offered no evidence on behalf of the DWP.

One-legged man accused of benefit fraud – because officials read report on his healthy limb (Metro.co.uk)

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