Tidings Of Comfort And Toy


This afternoon

A just ‘unwrapped’ trailer for next week’s Late Late Toy Show which will premiere on RTÉ from this evening.

Jennifer O’Brien writes

‘Marshmallows, Christmas jumpers and popcorn angels are the order of the day, as one little boy and his family prepare to settle in to watch the show, and there’s also a special appearance from Gabriel, The Late Late Show owl, named after the late Gay Byrne.

Created by the RTÉ Marketing and Promotions team, the trailer (above) will premiere on television tonight, just before the Six O’Clock News bulletin on RTÉ One…

…Next Friday’s theme remains a closely-guarded secret.

The Late Late Toy Show
on RTÉ One on Friday November 29 at 9.35pm.

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10 thoughts on “Tidings Of Comfort And Toy

  1. newsjustin

    What are the odds that Ryan’s themes will include: not using smartphones, history, and Paul McCartney?

    1. Tea And Brexits

      Roll out the #climatechange stuff I’d say. Reusable Barbie armpit hair, recyclable LEGO, sustainable chocolate oranges, bamboo bicyckes, etc. All harmlessly presented by the young, gifted, Harry Potter-lookalikes in organic rainbow flag jumpers from Avoca, edible retro hearing aids, and biodegradeable Crocs.

      I’ll be out.

  2. some old queen

    And the Christmas tree goes up for the toy show- what was that about deprogramming again?

    Howz about RTE do a show on the difference between how families approach Christmas presents- that some have a cap of say €20 while others spend the rest of the year feeding the credit cards? Then again, RTE preaching about spend curbs would have a definite WTF blow-back.

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