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    1. Fearganainm

      Only marred by the fact that the trip they were basing it on got cancelled at the last minute. It could have been a contender but it’s just fake news now.

  1. Tea And Brexits

    Flare Thugs headline in the Irish Daily Star. Says it all about the kind of person who writes for, and reads, this bull.

  2. :-Joe

    The Daily Star needs to careful it doesn’t get a reputation for exploiting/objectifying women and their boobs for profit…

    the toooorrryyyy-graph = Corbyn targets the middle class… – The middle class?.. really?….
    Interesting to see they’ve suddenly remembered their existance.


  3. garrett

    “most women killed by partner”

    I would suspect that most women are not killed at all and that the headline applies to those who are actually killed.

    Maybe it’s a Cork thing, like you know

  4. Bud Flanagan

    Trailing in the ratings and with the worst polling figures for a UK opposition figure ever recorded the manifesto launch was Corbyn’s last throw of the dice.
    Cue derision all round at his ludicrous tax and spend plans.
    Boris will win easily with a healthy majority and the Brits will be out of the EU by 31/1/20.

      1. f_lawless

        British historian/journalist Mark Curtis nails it with this tweet –
        “It’s just psychological warfare now. In run-up to election, the public is being bombarded with a shock and awe campaign, across the establishment media, in defence of power and privilege. While Corbyn is being treated like Saddam or Qadafi, the real enemy is of course the public.”

        As an example, he links to a bizarre piece posted by the same ‘Sun Politics’ with “TV actress Maureen Lipman in blistering attack on Jeremy Corbyn and Labour with mock version of her iconic BT advert”

        1. Bud Flanagan

          So Jewish actress Maureen Lipman is engaged in psychological warfare against the party of which she has been a lifelong member and because of its institutionalised anti-semtisim ?
          With friends like this who needs enemies.
          What you’re witnessing is the death rattle of the old Labour party as its new Stalinist leaders make even more unelectable.

          1. f_lawless

            Obviously she herself wouldn’t see it that way. But it seems clear she’s also been propagandised by the relentless media campaign that aims to give credibility to the ‘crisis of antisemitism’ narrative which has been manufactured in order to prevent Corbyn from being elected PM. The British establishment are exploiting her fears as a Jewish person and using her as an unwitting tool to bolster that narrative.

            PS – It’s hard to take you seriously when you describe Corbyn as ‘Stalinist’.

          2. Bud Flanagan

            So all those Labour staffers and Jewish supporters who’ve quit the party and the 130 cases of anti-semitism ” still ” being investigated by the Labour Party are all part of the Eastablishment too ?

          3. Man On Fire

            All of them are friends of Israel Bud.
            All upset at Corbyns intention of stopping arms sales to Saudi Arabia, and recognition of the Palestinian state.

  5. some old queen

    Part of me wonders if those immigrants did not want to get caught- God knows what sort of life they were heading into. That haulage company is in big trouble now- insurance companies are not fond of law breakers and clients won’t be too happy either- their identity will come out in due course I expect..

    And as for the other headlines of ‘risking their lives’- that is based on the assumption that the migrants know how dangerous the trip will be- if they are not being told the truth about their conditions of employment once they get to their detestation then it is highly likely they are being lied to about how dangerous the trip will be too.

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