Behold: the Karma SC2 – a high-powered concept electric coupe with performance stats akin to those of the Aspark Owl. To wit: 1,100bhp, 0-100km/h in less than 1.9 seconds, 560km of range on a full charge and a staggering 14,236Nm of wheel torque.

The SC2 also has long-range radar, cameras, and FMCW lidar sensors for autonomous driving, and an adaptive laser projector for playback and sharing (while parked) of completed drives and simulations on famous racetracks.

No release date or pricing available as yet.


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6 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. martco

    ‘course if that’s too dear for ya there’s always the new (early adopter easily led eejit)”Peoples Car” the new VW iD.3 which comes in at an affordable €50,000

    (affordable in the Fine Gael sense)

    but there’s a very good PCP deal. apparently.


      1. martco

        Ah now chompsky…when you say just under 40 you mean €39,995

        that’s for base spec

        after grants

        50k with the extras

        but sure they’ll give ya a great trade-in on your now worthless diesel or petrol, won’t they?

        People’s Car, lol

  2. demot

    Apparently with the batteries that are available the maximum range will be 25km before it goes dead
    So if you live in howth you might just get to Parnell street before you have to if you can find a recharging point

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