From top: National broadband contract; KPMG logo; yesterday’s Irish Times

Paul O’ Donoghue writes:

Depressing. The government is spending €3bn on the rural broadband network, but won’t own it once it’s complete.

KPMG was paid €11m to give the government this advice….

KPMG, eh?

‘Rolls-Royce’ rural broadband to cost €6,000 per household (irish Times)

Tuesday: “Surely, It’s Time To Shout ‘Stop'”

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One thought on “Pre-Loaded

  1. Przemek

    Totally worth it though.

    Here, in Lusk, man O war pub, one of the “hubs” is getting broadband through the scheme. Never mind that everyone has access to Virgin Media’s 500 Mbps already…

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