Abusive Carry-On



A Spanish court has ruled that Ryanair’s policy of charging an extra fee for hand luggage is “abusive” and can no longer be levied in Spain.

The ruling follows a passenger complaint over the policy, introduced last year, which charges most people an additional fee for bringing anything more than one personal item into the cabin…

This morning:

“This ruling will not affect Ryanair’s baggage policy, either in the past or in the future, as it is an isolated case that misinterpreted our commercial freedom to determine the size of our cabin baggage,” the airline said in a statement.

Spanish court orders Ryanair to cancel cabin bag fee (RTÉ)


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19 thoughts on “Abusive Carry-On

  1. Dr.Fart

    i dont know why anyone still uses ryanair. i havent used them in over 2 years and ive had zero plane stress in my life. o’leary was right when he said complaints dont matter, because all those people submitting complaints still come back anyway. probably down to that irish short memory . the same one that keeps FG/FF in power forever.

    1. Mick

      I’ve used Ryanair for years, and have had zero plane stress in my life. I know what the rules are, and I play by those rules, no stress.

      1. Dr.Fart

        oh i know the rules. but i find stress in their trickery, and how you’re treated. then on top of that, the actual in-flight journey is uncomfortable and gross.

        1. Increasing Displacement

          I think people think they’re doing themselves a favor flying with Ryanair.
          Cheap people flying a cheap nasty airline (if you can’t afford better fair enough)…
          But with Ryanair passengers pay with their time instead of money…the one thing you can’t replace.

          Note: I like that Ryanair changed the market, but that’s all

          1. Increasing Displacement

            And you’ll be flying on the Max crasher soon enough….not for love not money would i get on that plane

    2. Charlie

      I have never had a problem with flying Ryanair. It’s chape but never intended to be cheerful. It’s functional.

  2. White Dove

    Once got stuck at Barcelona airport when Ryanair charged me 20 Euros to take on hand luggage I had already already paid extra for when checking in online (in Dublin they let you take late checked in hand luggage to the gate, apparently you hve to check it in in Barcelona). I had only 15 Euros having lost my bank card. The Irish passengers clubbed together to give me 5 Euros so I wouldn’t have to leave the case and its contents behind. A few other Irish passengers were also charged double.

    Another memorable encounter was when the handle suddenly got stuck on my wheelie bag and they tried to charge me extra because it wouldn’t go down. Fortunately I managed to get it down.

    Spanish Ryanair staff are the worst!

    1. paul

      I remember being in Dublin airport and being asked to pop my carry-on into the little metal measuring box thing, I rested it on top while I popped my passport in my pocket. The Ryanair employee thought this meant I couldn’t get the bag in the box and thus would be charged 50e, much to their seeming delight (I know a lot of Ryanair employees think the companies trickery is a pile of crap as well).

      They put on their sad face, “I’m sorry sir, but…”. My bag chose this moment to slide down into the box of its own accord proving that it fit their dimensions. I looked up and said, with a smile, “pardon?”. They blushed and screwed up their mouth, “nothing, please take your bag to the gate”. Genuinely very pleased with that outcome.

      I try to fly with anyone but Ryanair unless the saving is significant. Then I just soak it up and am sure to spend the money I saved on something nice to help forget the flight.

      1. White Dove

        hahaha yes I tried asking him would he like to take the wheelie bag handle down he declined . Miraculously it slid down for me and then he lectured me on how I should have tried harder to get it down earlier. He kept arguing with me, it was bizarre. The worst thing about Ryanair quite honestly is not the financial exploitation but the fact that they give you a lecture while financially exploiting you, it is like the Catholic Church in its heyday!

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