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Thank Broadsheet it’s Friday.

Never mind the miserable weather and sudden onset of Winter – there’s a free Golden Discs voucher to be won worth an ‘astronomical’ 25 Euros.

To be in with a chance of landing it, tell me below what is your favourite song which mentions the moon.

Here’s mine.

The winner will be chosen by my Siamese twin.

Lines MUST close at 3.20pm EXTENDED until 6.30pm 10.30pm 6pm [Saturday]!

Nick says: Good luck!

Please include video link where possible.

Golden Discs

Last week’s winner here

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125 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Voucher

  1. Paulus

    …an ‘astronomical’ 25 Euros – sure only a lunatic would ignore that:
    Well there’s always Moondance from nature’s singleton…Mr Grumpy.

    1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

      Have you ever listened to the piano demos for that album BB?
      It’s on Spotify, well worth a listen.

        1. bertie blenkinsop

          No, it’s called “In a special place: The piano demos for this is the sea”


  2. Will

    Tom Waits – All The World Is Green from the album Blood Money. One of my favourite Waits songs of all time with haunting lyrics, sublime glockenspiel and clarinet combo and a delicious key change. “… the moon is yellow-silver; all the things that summer brings. It’s a love that you’d kill for and all the world is green.”

  3. Slightly Bemused

    A song that meant a lot to me in my youth. Last year of secondary school, when as a class we all seemed to get on really well. My favourite year so far, and in many ways this was the theme of that halcyon summer. And like the typical hormonal teenager I was, there was this girl…

    The Waterboys, and The Whole of the Moon!

      1. Slightly Bemused

        Sorry, Borther B. As I posted after yours, my feed was not up to date and I did not see your posting first.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Thank you – had been trying to think of that incredible Irish song that mentioned the moon. Adore it. One of the finest rebel songs that captures the sadness and heartache of freedom-fighting. Sang it badly often after several jeorums. They play it often on a Wednesday in McNeills after midnight.

  4. Joxer

    Moon River – whether it be Audrey Hepburn, Andy Williams, Sinatra, Jerry Butler or any number of others who covered it, its one of those quintessential songs of the mid century that is pure magic.. Even Frank Oceans attempt at butchery was saved by the pure beauty of the melody and lyric. Reminds me of family get togethers in the 7ts when i was a wee’un, adults raising glasses and laughing and warmth of cosy family time, and whenever i hear it, i get a dose of fuzzy golden-hued nostalgia.

          1. V

            and when I said right place

            what I really meant was the wrong place

            Anyway, ta for the link,
            and a list of Tour Dates

            and BTW Lads
            If anyone wants to whisk their special someone for some Woman Tone fun in a European City next summer its at the end of that link

    1. Slightly Bemused

      It is a stunning song, and does indeed for me also invoke memories of family get togethers. I must admit there is a special place in my heart for Audrey’s original version, possibly because the first time I saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s I was blown away by her beauty (young, hormonal teenager….).

      And nice link, Bodger. I had not heard that version before :)

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Careful! Brother Barnabas might do an ‘ahem’ at you, as he did me when I posted after him :)

      1. V

        he can ahem all he likes

        they only played that song once live during that Fishermans Blues Tour 1988 –
        In the City Hall in Cork
        Saw Doctors were the Curtain Raiser now that I remember, and I’d a new leather jacket from my Christmas Clothes Money
        And I was there that night, so I’m bagsing it

        Jaysus we’d some craic, we all ended up in the GP afterwards, I can’t remember what they called it at the time, but the downstairs bar (under Henry’s) was made out to look like a Old Village carry on

        Ah here, I’m breaking out in love bites all over again (¬‿¬)

        1. Slightly Bemused

          Don’t worry, I know what you mean. For me, this song will always evoke memories of that girl…

  5. Gearóid Gillett

    The National – The Geese of Beverly Road. “Serve me the sky with a big slice of lemon”. It does look like a lemon dunnit?

    1. Slightly Bemused

      That reminds me of one of my favourite bands with a similar line. Big Country and Chance:

      He came like a hero from the factory floor
      with the sun and moon his gifts…

      Hopefully the link will take you to the right point (this is the full Without the aid of a safety net at the Barrowlands concert (which I have on permalink :) ) but if not, it starts at 19:35

      Grab your tissues!

  6. Jonboy

    I see there’s already 2 Tom Waits songs on here so why not add a third – Tom Waits – Drunk on the Moon from the album The Heart of Saturday Night (especially since it features a sax solo)

    1. Slightly Bemused

      While a great song, my enduring, and possibly endearing, memory of that song is one day I was listening to it on the radio at a certain volume. My brother came barging in to thwack me as he thought I had nabbed his album and was playing it. Ah, the joys of family life :)

  7. Slightly Bemused

    For the fans of Christy Moore, there is always The Song of Wandering Aonghus. Words by WB Yeats, and tune by Shusha.

    Though I am old with wandering
    Through hollow lands and hilly lands,
    I will find out where she has gone,
    And kiss her lips and take her hands;
    And walk among long dappled grass,
    And pluck till time and times are done,
    The silver apples of the moon,
    The golden apples of the sun.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Last week we had jazz, this week classical. A wonderful piece of art! Thank you for posting, I do not let my classics out enough.

    1. f_lawless

      Ironically, when that version was released in 1954 the song had already been around 20 years and had always been done as a slow ballad so the upbeat, doo-wop angle would have been quite a departure at the time!

      1. Slightly Bemused

        That is why I love An American Werewolf in London. They have the song in at least three, maybe four, different versions and styles. Proves the song is great if so many different styles work as well as the first

  8. Liam Deliverance

    Mercury Rev -Tides of the Moon

    “The threads that run through your life
    Hang from your sleeve
    Wind through your soul
    The kind you can’t control
    The kind you can’t conceive
    The kind you can’t believe
    But wish you could break
    Wish you could weave
    I wish you could see
    It ties you to me
    And you fly in the face of the sun
    And you float in the tides of the moon”

    I can remember buying Mercury Rev’s 4th album – Deserter’s Songs, I was working in Dublin Airport at the time, 1998, and I paid a relatively hefty airport price for the album, in good old punts. I had heard a song from the album on the radio a week before and was so enamored I had to hear it again, and soon! The haunting and spellbinding lead vocal was like nothing I had heard before and like nothing I have heard since.

    Mercury Rev are from Buffalo, New York, they started out in the late 1980’s and this song is taken from their 5th album, All Is Dream. Two great albums full of melodic, ethereal, trippy, and atmospheric pop songs partly achieved by the liberal use of theremins, glockenspiels, and organs. Deserters Songs is fun and light, whereas All Is Dream is a bit darker and moodier. For further listening try Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp from Deserters Song’s.

  9. Richard Banbon

    Walking on the moon – The Police


    This was pure glamour! To see Stewart Copeland playing on the rockets! The memory was tainted by seeing them live in 2008 – 2009 having presumed I’d never ever have a chance to do so – therew was no heart on stage but the warm fuzzy feeling attaching to this music video is unchanged – Thursday evenings in pj-s watching top of the pops awaiting sting and the lads – bliss

  10. Barter

    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Jesus of the Moon

    Will it be me or will it be you?
    One must stay and one depart
    You lying there in a St. James Hotel bed
    Like a Jesus of the moon
    A Jesus of the planets and the stars

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