Poxy 2: Let’s Make It Happen


You may recall the excellent animated web series Poxy Bleedin Shop?


Creator Thomas Quain writes:

I am currently looking for support for a second season.

Poxy Bleedin Shop’ is an original five part comedic animated web series about working a terrible job, in this case, an off-license, but not just any off license, this is the worst off license in Dublin – a shop that gets robbed 6 times every 4 weeks!

This animated web series is based on real events in my life and I think if it gets out there with the support that all art needs it does have the potential to resonate with contemporary mass audiences not just in Ireland but also abroad.

I already have season 2 written up and a lot of pre-production art completed. I feel I have written some great scenes for season 2 and want to introduce a number of new characters and so I am excited about the opportunity to dive back into exploring this world in greater detail

In fairness.

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Poxy Bleedin Shop

Poxy Bleedin Shop – season 2 (Kickstarter)

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