Anything Good In The Dublin Gazette?



Liam writes:

Timing a bit unfortunate! Also, so nice of her to give up a whole hour a month for her constituents. My God ,you could meet maybe a whole two people in that time, what a committed public servant!

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24 thoughts on “Anything Good In The Dublin Gazette?

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Is this her only clinic? For example, Catherine Murphy does a 1-hour clinic in my town each month, but it is only one of her clinics where she travels around the constituency, and is on top of being available in her office, and on email and telephone. I imagine this is something similar with Maria Bailey, and most other TDs.

  2. Tea And Brexits

    Miriam Lord covered this in the Irish Times on Saturday.

    Saturday clinics

    And here’s Maria again, this time beaming out from an expensive front page advertisement in the latest edition of the Dublin Gazette (South edition), which came out on Thursday.

    The advert is right across the top half of the page, below the masthead – impossible to miss, exactly a week on from her deselection. In it, she gives details of her monthly Saturday clinics. He name is highlighted in large letters while Fine Gael features in much smaller type.

    It has not gone unnoticed in the constituency. “It’s defiance, this!” declared one Dublin politician, who can’t recall ever seeing a similar advert from the beleaguered TD in the aforementioned publication.

    A look back over recent editions would bear this out. The Dublin Gazette publishes four editions. Senator James Reilly, who is a candidate in the Fingal byelection, has an election ad along the bottom of page one in his local edition this week.

    Maria is not running in the byelections. Her party won’t let her run in the general election. The timing of the advert may be coincidental, but it may also be a signal of intent.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      “…one Dublin politician, who can’t recall ever seeing a similar advert from the beleaguered TD in the aforementioned publication”

      Ah, that puts a different spin on things!

      1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

        Wonder what her detractors think.
        She is certainly clinging on to her seat. Shame she didn’t do the same at the Dean

      2. Dr.Fart

        it’s not unfair, barnabas. it’s fair and accurate. just like how you embody everything wrong with broadsheet commenters.

  3. DOC

    How do you solve a problem like Maria?
    Lorraine Clifford Lee is coming down the line and her crime?
    “Regrettable” Tweets from a few years back but at least LCL did not commit Insurance Fraud
    No apology and she was only sorry that she got caught

    1. postmanpat

      Right now management of Bakers making sure to stomp out any rolls in the carpet and leaving the toilet cleaning until later on in the afternoon incase “someone” has a trip’n’fall holding two drinks coming back from the bar or finds herself on the floor after having a massive barry in the jacks.

    1. italia'90

      And sure Pat the Baker is probably fumin too, no??
      It’s been owned by John Brady for at east 30 years

      Did you work for Bobby when you were there Janet?

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        I was mostly in the bar as apposed to the lounge, trying to avoid fellow students,
        do you mean the barman Bobby who was there ?

  4. V

    Lads this is the real world of Irish Politics;
    The grassroots, the vote snatching and the electioneering
    The canvassing and the campaigning and their own back yards

    Not the photo ops, the think-ins, the strutting around Leinster House, the in-party sniping about who gets a Ministerial call up, the leaks, the committee grandstanding, the cribbing about local good news announcements, and the posing and faffing on RTÉ

    Maria Bailey is letting on to her constituents that its business as usual
    As if noting has changed – she is still the same, their TD their blueshurt

    and when she runs as an independent you can put a safe tenner on her campaign materials being very similar to FGs

    She is coming out fighting to keep her seat, and you’ll see a lot of one hour clinics popping up all over the constituency over the next six months

    I even expect to see a 2020 calendar featuring all her best bits
    and the FG Big Brass –

    its all about letting on that nothing has changed so neither should their Vote

    She is rebuilding herself as another Lowry

    But I suspect ye’ll prefer to hear that from one of the lads than take my word for it

    1. Cian

      I think V nailed it on the head.
      The only problem for Maria is that she is style over substance. She does all the communications…but doesn’t actually deliver anything. Lowry at least worked for his constituents.

      1. V

        When did style over substance prohibit anyone from having a successful political career
        In any jurisdiction

        Look at our current Government
        Look at the Tories
        Look at the White House

        And btw Lowry has delivered eff all for Tipp
        Except Factory closures and bypasses by once thriving towns

    2. Rob_G

      She would be mad to take a solo run if she does – she just needs to serve her penance, and she will back in the running again with party support at the next local elections.

      1. V

        I think she is going to have ta’
        If she misses out on the next election cycle she is going to have to make do with a Seanad run, and if she does that FG and FF have the voting clout especially amongst the Councillors to make a show of her without being seen to be doing anything
        Speaking of which so have their next coalition puppies Labour and the Greens

        She has to wait until 2024 for Locals and probably the same again for another shot at the Dáil
        her best shot now is to run in the next General

        But somehow I fully expect her to be tied up into a handy CEO/ Chair gig somewhere to compensate
        and to ensure some party donations later on down the line

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