Al Porter

Mr Porter, who was charged under his real name, Alan Kavanagh, had denied sexually assaulting a young man at a venue in Dublin.

Counsel for the Director of Public Prosecutions, Diarmuid Collins, told Judge John Hughes that the prosecution was not proceeding any further and the charge could be struck out.

Mr Porter added that he had always denied any wrongdoing whatsoever in this case.

Sexual assault charge against Al Porter dropped (RTÉ)


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22 thoughts on “Struck Out

  1. Marbe

    Am delighted that those 2 years are over and that Al can get on with his life now, and hopefully return to entertaining us. His dignity was commendable throughout.

    1. Amy.

      Well. One case has been thrown out. But there’s more than one case. The St. Patrick’s case, for example.

  2. Aoife O’Rielly

    The guy deserves a break. There’s no spectrum for alleged offence. The poopy pants who drops the hand (hands up
    who’s never done that and had the hand moved) is conflated with the monster who rapes a girl. It’s even an offence now to ask for a tweetle-pie, ignoring the fact that that’s the only way you get one, by asking.

    1. V

      In my place of work?\(°o°)/
      In a general open social setting – bar club restaurant etc\(°o°)/
      If yer man is with his girlfriend/ partner / spouse/ whatever yer having yerself \(°o°)/

      They’re all meant to be hands up btw

      And when someone explains tweetle-pie to me I refer back

  3. Kerryview

    I’m getting a little fed up with the ever encroaching corporate “sponsorship”. Take ads if you will, but lay off the “advertorials”. A non fee paying subscriber to BS…

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