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  1. Pee Peel

    Andrew Neil was akin to a school bully, “say you’re sorry. SAY YOU’RE SORRY.” *while holding your head in the toilet*

    1. Bud Flanagan

      I know.Wasn’t it excellent ?
      And Wee Jimmy Krankie got both barrels too.
      Let’s hope this holding politicians to account malarkey catches on in Ireland too.
      They’ve all had an easy ride since Vinnie Browne rode off into the sunset.

  2. Brother Barnabas

    hard to discern what’s worse between Corbyn’s antisemitism and Johnson’s racism, Islamophobia and homophobia

        1. Bud Flanagan

          I was thinking more of the polls surrounding the suitability of either candidate to be PM.
          And Corbyn registering the worst figures ever recorded.

    1. :-Joe

      Simple. Corbyn is not anti Jewish, anti-semite or any other kind of racist.

      The tory party has always been inherantly and casually racist and has even, in recent times, slowly and creepingly become an extremist right-wing party ditching any sense of classical conservativism in the process, much like the republicans in the US have done since the formation of the tea party.

      Corbyn’s Labour and Sanders vision for the US Democrats and their policies would be considereed dead centre or even centre right on many issues for the most part of the 20th century.

      Like our fake version of capitalism in the west, even the chinese have never really believed in communism or that it is a realistic progressive way forward.


  3. garrett

    The father who allowed his infant to be mutilated is awaiting deportation. Both parents should be deported and the child taken into State care.
    A serious message needs to be sent out to the Irish African community that this barbaric practice will be severely punished.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        But illegal in Ireland.
        As well, she’s breastfeeding an 11 month child. Is that child female? This case involved a one year old.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          Not all genital mutilation is illegal. Jewish baby boys suffer it too. Religion and superstition is a pox.

  4. Michael

    I don’t understand why you’re presenting 3 day old tweets on a post about Friday’s papers about Corbyn who’s not mentioned in any of the headlines. What’s your angle?

  5. Bud Flanagan

    Continuing Comrade Corbyn Capers

    Magic Grandpa has spent years railing against fixed term contracts and the gig economy as a terrible way to treat the workers.
    This morning around 40 Labour party staff on fixed-term contracts have been informed that they won’t be renewed when they run out at the end of December.
    Some were left in tears after being told.
    Corbyn is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

  6. :-Joe

    Is Corbyn the greatest political leader in history?.. Does he have the grace and slickness of oratory and the illusion of hope and change wrapped up in the notion of healing a significant problem of something like the healing of race relations in the US as Obama once did? NO.

    The answer is NO because unlike Obama with his slick pr spun marketing of “change” on the outside and status quo right wing quasi neo-liberal 1980’s reagonomics for the 1% on the inside, Corbyn is looking to radically rebalance the system in favour of REAL change and give REAL HOPE back to the 99% by ending and reversing corrupt austerity policies and neo-liberal ideology and restoring some ordinary decent fairness back in to society as a whole.

    So in other words, does Corbyn offer REAL CHANGE? The answer is YES.

    The Rabbi who claims Corbyn is ant-semetic is a liar and a fraud. He is part of an orthodox jewish bent that is not recognised in britain as even being the chief rabbi of orthodox jews in britain. He is a fanatical tory insider and also loyal supporter of zionist israeli dogma and now a propagandist. the tory party.

    Along with the media and the bbc in particular both the tory party and the media have been overrun with the same lobbying influence and manipulation for decades by the Israeli state / Zionist domestic and foreign policy wing of their intelligence and security infrastructure. It’s not hard to find or show proof of this.

    The Lobby : Al Jazeera Investigations on Youtube is a great example where undercover reporters with mics and cameras infiltrate the lobbying system that Corbyn and Labour have worked hard to get rid of, unlike the tory party who are happy to take bribes and make pay for play deals with them.

    Corbyn is a colossal threat to every single major cause of enviromental crisis, corporate tax fraud and the tax haven system, dodgy commercialand retail bankers, corrupt financial sector and system(even worse than wall street in many ways), corrupt corporate and shareholder profiteering on a colossal scale, the endless failures and abuse by big business and privatisation in the public sector…. corrupt politics and media… and on.. and on…

    None of what I have said here is hard to find out for yourself, but you have to be willing to question the lies and propaganda( which is what all the mainstream media actually is in total ) and then, by your own will and motivation, go and have a proper look at the facts and decide for yourself. The mainstream media is never going to give you a fair and balanced look at anything political.

    Chomsky on Corbyn :

    Ask the difficult opposing questions to yourself, be skeptical of what the media tells you is the truth, play devils advocate, look things up and research them for yourself… don’t believe the hype.. avoid the politics of fear, hatred and violence…

    Remember the people whoare swallowing the anti-semetism lies, propaganda and smear campaigning and then have the plain ignorant, arrogant stupidity to repeat and even amplify the same nonsense on to others. Unreliable minds of unwitting fools or intentional trolls and treacherous liars… take your pick.

    It’s all bu11s51″T” and it’s bad for YOU !


  7. Bud Flanagan

    Fair play to the geezer who took out the knife-wielding nutter on London Bridge and kicked the poo out of him this afternoon.
    And top marks to the armed rozzer who slotted him.
    Saved a fortune in legal fees, court time and all those years looking after him in jail.

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