Average Of 6.4%


This evening.

Cormac McQuinn, in the Irish Independent, reports:

Turnout out figures in today’s by-elections are dismally low with the numbers turning up to cast their votes standing at an average of 6.4pc across three of the four constituencies.

There is expected to be an increase in voters after work this evening but there is a wide-spread expectation in political circles that the overall turn-out will be very low, perhaps in the region of 30pc.

As of noon the average turnout in polling stations in Dublin Fingal was just 5.8pc.

It was as low as 2.9pc in Naul National School in the rural part of the constituency.

By-election turnout dismally low so far (Cormac McQuinn, Independent.ie)


People Before Profit by-election candidate for Dublin Mid West Kellie Sweeney tweetz:

I want to apologise to households in Forest Hill in Rathcoole who didn’t receive my postcard for the election. Unfortunately these were found dumped and ripped up. I want to thank An Post for taking this very seriously and investigating the incident.

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13 thoughts on “Average Of 6.4%

    1. Ron

      Dunno why you think I have a conniption fit. I think it’s disgusting behaviour and more of the same where people continue to urinate on the political institutions and democratic processes of the state.

      it’s obvious we are a country of people who hate, a racist nation, a nation that sees child homelessness as a perfectly acceptable outcome for the poor and vulnerable. We are a nation that allows our elderly parents rot away in trolleys on overcrowded corridors because the people in charge can’t effectively or competently manage a 15 billion euro budget. 15 billion! We are a nation of people that condemns women to death due to the usual incompetent management of state programs. Cervical Check for example. We are a nation of people who thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to effectively gift public land to the vulture funds that run rampant in our state and are the direct cause of many suicides amongst the most broken individuals and families.

      Every vote for FF and FG today was a vote for all of the above. And it’s the majority, so as a country we should probably stop with the feigned public anger at these issues and just accept that we are a nation that hates the vulnerable in this country and we need to just accept that is what people want. We are who we elect and today 2 FF candidates topped the poll. Even after they supported Eoghan Murphy staying in his job. just let that sink in for a while.

      I feel ashamed as an Irish man that we have become such a horrible nation of people.

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    The ripped up postcards are visible in this case – most election literature goes into the household bin. So I wouldn’t fret about one housing estate not receiving them.

  2. Bud Flanagan

    Is anyone surprised by the low turnout ?
    With no effective opposition in the Dail what’s the point in electing another pig to get their snout into the Leinster House trough ?
    Especially when you read the story about Dara Murphy claiming his full Parliamenatry and travel allowances of €4,300 a month when he was rarely there.
    ” Mr Murphy has two Twitter accounts. Of more than 1,000 tweets he posted in the past 18 months, no more than 20 have related to his work as a TD.
    The datelines of his tweets suggest he was in locations such as Malta, Warsaw, Brussels and Paris on days he signed in on the Dáil electronic fobbing system. This suggests he recorded his attendance on the fobbing system either after flying back from, or before flying out to, those destinations. ”
    The politicians are laughing at you.

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