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Fine Gael’s Maria Byrne (left) and Fianna Fáil’s Gerry Horkan

This afternoon.

In the Seanad by-elections.

Via RTÉ:

Fianna Fáil’s Gerry Horkan was elected to the Industrial and Commercial Panel, receiving 114 first preference votes and was elected on the first count, with the quota set at 101.5.

Green Party Chairperson Hazel Chu, who contested the election as an independent, got 10 votes.

Fine Gael’s Byrne, from Limerick, won a seat on the Agriculture Panel receiving  118 votes, finishing well ahead of Independent candidate Ian Marshall, who got 69 votes


It’s a beautiful thing.

Byrne and Horkan elected to Seanad following by-election (RTÉ)


This morning/afternoon.

Wexford By-Election Count.

Verona Murphy the Fine Gael candidate, with her party’s Director of Elections, Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan after arriving in the count centre at St Joseph’s Club Community Centre, Bishopswater, Wexford. Mr Flanagan, following the third count (above), declared: “It’s all to play for.”

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews


This morning/Afternoon.

Dublin Fingal by-election count.

Green Party candidate Joe O’Brien talks to the media (top) as Fianna Fáil Candidate Lorraine Clifford Lee she arrives at the count centre in the National Show Centre,

Quotas yet to be reached as counting continues (RTÉ)

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

This evening.

Cormac McQuinn, in the Irish Independent, reports:

Turnout out figures in today’s by-elections are dismally low with the numbers turning up to cast their votes standing at an average of 6.4pc across three of the four constituencies.

There is expected to be an increase in voters after work this evening but there is a wide-spread expectation in political circles that the overall turn-out will be very low, perhaps in the region of 30pc.

As of noon the average turnout in polling stations in Dublin Fingal was just 5.8pc.

It was as low as 2.9pc in Naul National School in the rural part of the constituency.

By-election turnout dismally low so far (Cormac McQuinn, Independent.ie)


People Before Profit by-election candidate for Dublin Mid West Kellie Sweeney tweetz:

I want to apologise to households in Forest Hill in Rathcoole who didn’t receive my postcard for the election. Unfortunately these were found dumped and ripped up. I want to thank An Post for taking this very seriously and investigating the incident.

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