Meanwhile, In Donabate


This morning.

St Patrick’s National School, Donabate, County Dublin.

Fianna Fáil Senator and controversial Dáil candidate Lorraine Clifford Lee voting with her children – above from left Kitty and Teddy – in  the Dublin Fingal by-election, among four contests taking place around the country today.

Earlier: Graves’ Responsibility

Early turnout low as ballots cast in four by-elections (RTÉ)

Eamonn Farrelll/Rollingnews

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33 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Donabate

  1. Dr.Fart

    whatever comments she made, she’s Fianna Fail, that’s surely a worse indicator of her character. Willingly joining the party that desimated the country for generations.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    The vote was cast by one of the kids as far as I can see. Therefore invalid, personation etc. etc.
    “You must then fold your ballot paper to hide your vote and place it in the sealed ballot box. You may only vote once at the election.”

    Plus taking photos at polling stations is a no no.

    Is she a solicitor?

    1. V

      I think she can absorb a single Spoiled Vote

      So why don’t you let the Returning Officer know to minus one in the count

      And just in case you didn’t know
      It is up to the Polling Centre to permit cameras etc
      And as for the kids putting the vote into the box, again that is at the discretion of the Polling Centre Officials

      In any case, do insist that this is a spoiled vote

      1. italia'90

        Was voting earlier and I got a bit annoyed at the fact that there were so many phones in the room
        and the voting booths were not enclosed like they use to be
        Is there not a rule about use of camera phones/mobile phones in Polling Stations?
        If not, there bloody well shoud be!

      2. GiggidyGoo

        So the word “You” at the beginning of that quotation includes to your young children then V?

        And I guess the following instruction isn’t correct either.
        “Rules inside the Polling Station
        No Photographs
         You cannot take photographs in a Polling Station  NO photographs of you filling out the Ballot Paper  NO photographs of your choices on the Ballot Paper  NO selfies inside the Polling Station
         If you break this rule your vote will not count”

        Or do you just make things up as you go along V?

        1. Plastic Bertrand

          Unless the child signed it I can’t see how the vote can be traced once it’s in the box. Hardly spoiled then.

        2. V

          Oh dear

          The Senator broke the rule about photo inside the Polling Station
          I’ll expect you to follow thru now and make an official complaint, actually Complaints
          You’ll have at least 50 from the Euros alone
          And another few dozen from today

          Now I’m particularly interested in the other three rules
          Pics inside the Polling Booth, Pics of your Ballot (guilty btw) and the Selfies

          Oh dear. Your pals aren’t going to be pleased with you Gobbledygook
          Especially the ones makeing a show of themselves in the Presidential last year and out in Fingal today
          Some patriot you are

          Looking forward to the count – now don’t be shy, make sure you say Hi

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Oh dear oh dear oh dear.
            Such a scattered post. Cheap wine?
            And you still haven’t got a handle on your assumptions make you look so foolish. And, funnily enough, you admit to photographing your ballot paper. Yourself and BB should get a room and discuss the next series of illegalities you’d like to put in your sights..

          2. GiggidyGoo

            V. “Somehow I don’t think it’ll be me looking foolish today”.

            If you didn’t want to look foolish, maybe you shouldn’t have used a FG love-in to put forward your ‘facts’.

            I can actually update ye directly from inside the Reilly FG team
            And the News at tea time last evening from the Fingal Blueshirts is that Senator Clifford Lee will take the seat
            With a strong margin
            And her leap ahead from 2016 polls is being particularly attributed to her highly visible – door to door day in day out, for the Repeal campaign.
            And she maintains a busy enough constituency office in Balbriggan
            She is also the most likely recipient of the Anti Alan Farrel vote (11.something in GE16)

            She might even be the youngest in the race
            And she definitely lives there
            Unlike a number of the other candidates
            She can also conduct interviews and debates as gaelige with the same fluency and dialect as an Ní Riada

            But shur’ ye are a figgures womman, and everyun shud take note.

          3. V

            You went an dug up a post from – four weeks ago maybe?
            That’s adorable

            Anyway you’re not done yet
            But it was probably only last weekend
            I updated ye again from the FG camp
            (Greens and something like Labour would ya believe
            Now when you find that ‘news just in‘ post
            Return to where you dug the above from, and remind yourself about what you had to say about Internal party polling info
            Or maybe provide the link and let everyone else know

            And while yer at it
            Go back to the summer
            You’ll definitely find a 2 FF and a Green prediction ( I went for an Indo over the Shinner for my full house)

            Now there you go
            That’ll keep ya busy

            Oh. Yeah
            This Nah Nah Na Na Nah type of campaigning
            Wins nothing

            And I’d remind you of your own call in Wexford – but instead I’m going to as you to not to blend your own words with mind again, like you did above there, please be more explicit about what yours are, and what are mine.

          4. GiggidyGoo

            Long post of drivel yet again V.
            Maybe you should stick to something that you can record, play at your leisure, pause, rewind, write, pause again, rewind again, write – something like Bake Off – where you can be sure of something.
            Your post was three days ago. Another ‘ oh look at me – Amn’t I great, Ihave the correct story, on good authority, so it’s definitely true’ post. Me me me, I, I, I.

            Please remind me of my own call in Wexford. You’re obviously trying to refer to some ‘definite’ which you think I wrote.

            You’re looking very foolish (yes, italics are great aren’t they?) V.

    2. A Person

      Yawn. If she was a shinner, you’d be applauding her. Where is your alter ego Man on Fire gone. Don’t tell me he was one of those arrested for the Lunney torture, or the people trafficking? I know, I too am concerned why BS is not covering these stories more.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Now where did that come from A? Are you in assumption mode? How many names have you gone through here at this stage B9? Preparing to be banned again I take it.

    1. some old queen

      Three of my grand aunts were nuns- all bald as coots but no FGM obviously- the other sister had 14 children in a two bed cottage in Inniskeen Co. Monaghnan- it’s still there- Duffy was the married name.

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