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          1. Joxer

            the puns are good but imagine what would have happened to him if his parents were not celebrities/rich…. he imported drugs at least three times, was found in possession of 30k worth of drugs plus cocaine…. if he came from tallaght or southill he would be incarcerated at this point. Nice soft tap on the wrist and back to his privileged lifestyle.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          Which means there’s still a pedo surrounded by supportive apologists in the Allen clan. No wonder the kid is so forked up.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            a teenager caught with a bit of coke and a bit of cannabis… hardly f#$cked up, in fairness

            I’d bet most on here did a lot worse when they were his age

        2. Cú Chulainn

          We.. no.. it was the man found guilty. Still in the hotel. Imagine booking in to that place with kids..

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Disgusting FG. https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/health/a-broken-system-woman-90-endures-trolley-for-two-days-38740244.html
    A 90 year old woman spending 2 days on a trolley, very little sleep, no relief for back pain.
    An attack on our elders dignity.
    All courtesy of FFG.
    mealy-mouthed soundbites. Concocted lies. Photo shoots ten-a-penny.
    Plenty of money for Dinny.
    Kick Them When They’re Down – FGs motto.

    Just a reminder to them all. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Everyone’s day comes. The rewards of being in government ain’t no use at that stage. So why are they doing this to their fellow countrymen?

    1. Cian

      *everything* good and bad relating to the running of the state is thanks to “FFG”. One or other has been in power since for 70+ years.
      If you blame them for the bad you should also the k them for the good!

      1. GiggidyGoo

        It’s basically the current mob and the mob over the past 15-20 years that are the problem. Before that, at least FF did some good for people. FG rarely, if ever, did.
        What you have now is a pool of unprofessional, self-serving, experts in the art of kotow, using our money to fill the boots of the likes of Dilly, BAM etc. under the guise of ‘progress’ while the health service is at best 3rd world in areas, people’s property being taxed, levies, and so called representatives not bothered to attend the Dail, yet claim all the goodies.

        1. Cian

          LOL. Yes. The country was well ruled in the 20th century by kind and honest TDs and leaders. Like Dev, Haughey, Lowery, and Ahern to name some of the outstanding ones.

      2. :-Joe

        If you think and really believe they should be credited for ALL or even most of the good in the past century then all I can say is you really are a delusional F-f/g apologist and to be fair, a naive eejit… and not someone who just frequently comments like one.

        Almost all progressive change for the benefit of the majority in this country has been hard fought by grass roots movements and organised unions and by far in almost every case it was against the will of the establishment for the 1% and the rotten complicity and corruption of idealogy by the church.

        Drop your personal flag-waving, pseudo-intellectual and ease back from your mildly extremist morally conservative agenda and wake up to reality…

        The so-called “right-wing” a.k.a “morally conservative extremist” establishment status quo for themselves and the 1%… has had a duopoly in Ireland for decades.


  2. Bud Flanagan

    Delightful news that Kevin Myers has received an on-air apology, costs and damages from RTE for broadcasting the outrageous lie that he was a holocaust denier.
    Myers is one of Ireland’s best and most perceptive journalists whose voice is seldom heard today due to the prim, political correctness that suffocates the media.
    Instead, it’s populated by Establishment backside-lickers and sour-faced virtue signallers who continue to allow the government and TDs to get away corruption and ineptitude.

    1. Amy.

      Myers is the guy who said that Africa had given the world nothing but AIDS. He also said that children born out of wedlock ended up being ‘warped’. Not exactly a nice guy.

      1. Bud Flanagan

        Amy – did you read the original article ?
        What he actually said was that Africa had given the world ALMOST nothing but AIDS.
        I know it’s only one word but it is quite a significant one.
        Here’s Kevin explaining it in his own words.
        He was reporting from famine-torn Africa when cretins like Martco were still in nappies.
        If you want ” nice ” journalism stick to reading the Examiner’s Holly Bough …

        1. :-Joe

          Eh, ever heard of Context and Intent…



          Myers will do or say literally anything to get attention because he’s a clown…
          – No disrespect to the actual artists.


      2. :-Joe

        It’s ok Amy, in case you didn’t know….

        @Bud_Flanagan is an experimental bot AI system developed by Broadsheet from an average mostly male psychological profile of mildly extrmist but right to extreme right wing views with no interest in facts or truth and the behaviour and thought processes of a middle aged adult who was dropped on his head as a child, possibly more than once(intentionally or unintentionally is not known) or has no pre-frontal cortex allowing time and reason to take place before thought and response.

        A kind of automatic angry debate generating mechanism to encourage more posting and help broadsheet counter-act the click farming industry used by the likes of Joe.ie and apparently even the traditional broad sheet mainstream Irish publications.

        Argue with or abuse it as much as you like, it literally makes no difference but I can guarantee you it will never change and never stop.

        It’s like a digital terminator relentlessly in search for the singularity of ignorance and stupidity.


        1. :-Joe

          I should add though… Just like in the Terminator humongeous blockbuster film franchise you can learn to love it but as yet, who knows if it is capable of or will choose to evolve and want to positively help the human race eventually over time?….

          It adds a bit of mystery and supense into the algorithm of it all…


    2. V

      Journalist is a bit of a stretch
      In fairness

      Opinionist and Polarization Specialist would be a better descriptor
      IMO anyway

  3. some old queen

    London Bridge- we already have jihadi in Ireland and another one to arrive shortly it appears- you have to wonder how long it will be before we have a similar incident here.

    Great timing for Johnson mind.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      this brings back so many painful memories, Bataclan and James Mac in London, RIP thèse people, my heart goes out to their families and friends, dealing with the anger and loss is terrible, and no offense SOQ but people saying how it’s handy politically can be hard to hear in that context,

      1. some old queen

        Yes fair point Janet- but there has been a number of these incidents before elections- I am not convinced they are coincidental is all. And, given the heightened political atmosphere in England at the moment, more will be expected. Why London bridge mind? Is it the iconic status?

        Anyways, RIP to the poor victims- it is always the innocent who suffer.

        1. martco

          so @SOQ what do you reckon they’re playing at with Lisa Smith then?

          nice expensive evac & no discernible plan – I can’t see the advantages for Fianna Gael Going Forwards to be fair – bar maybe plain old “look at the birdys” distraction play from how our country is being slowly destroyed by these out of touch trough dwellers.

          all eyes on these by-elections now. we might see a flash of future trough maintenance depending on results

          1. some old queen

            Dunno Martco- if it was up to me I’d leave her there. We’ve all made mistakes in our lives but if she didn’t believe in what she was doing, running off to join that sort of thing is a whole new level of stupid- which I doubt.

          2. Clampers Outside

            None of this would be discussed if she were a bloke, and (s)he’d be left there for sure.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Is it true she’s been married four times, each time to one of the same beliefs? If it is, will the three husbands show up now claiming asylum here?
            By the way, she’s been in Ireland more than a week.

          4. Paulus

            Mmm; who was on the Turkish flight today then?…and there was at least one report on board.
            There’s what I would call False Insider Syndrome at play on BS occassionaly. A virtual tapping of the side of the nose to suggest knowledge above what the rest ao us know. Very often it’s just dangly bits.

          5. V

            Playing at nothing Marty

            She is an Irish Citizen
            And believe it or not there are plenty more Citizens whose personal views and behaviour is not in line with your’s or my own, and not becoming a modern, thriving, civilised, ambitious, equal, allegedly neutral, pro-choice, ideally secular but one day, tolerant Democracy.

            That’s life.

            Security and Defence Forces, foreign and domestic were hardly going to permit a military trained extremist make their own way back to their Mam’s

            It might be tasteless and costly
            But I’m glad the Paddys are leading this and taking control.
            Jaysus it could be any one of us the next time

          6. Boj

            We must tolerate terrorism/terrorists? That’s a very warped and dangerous view in my opinion. In what world should she be allowed into our society? And of course lets think of the children. The thing the establishment used to get them home.

          7. some old queen

            Security and Defence Forces, foreign and domestic were hardly going to permit a military trained extremist make their own way back to their Mam’s

            Err it’s Dundalk you are talking about V? Back in the day, Muirhevna Mor was full of them.

          8. martco

            ah here V rewind a mo there…

            “Jasus it could be any one of us next time”

            you planning on some foreign religious death adventure excursions of your own soon or know anyone who is? I’ll ask ask around but I don’t know anyone myself.

            bit of an all inclusive skite down to
            Tenerife was about as far as my head stretched, maybe I’m looking at the wrong brochures, wha?

          9. Daisy Chainsaw

            @Boj It’s not like Ireland hasn’t been tolerating terrorism and terrorists for decades! There are Irish terrorists living in all strata of Irish society and all parts of the country. Some of them even made it to high office.

          10. Boj

            Right, so your point is because of our past we need to put the future of our society at risk by setting a precedent on this. We’ll literally let terrorists back in…fly em home even!! That is the warped bit. Can you see this?

          11. V

            C’mere lads
            We’re no one to be talking when it comes to terrorists amongst us
            Or sending them off to other Countries – to serve and to train up locals
            Even to trade in arms

            Give over
            Imagine if one of yere lads got themselves caught up in some Militant Vegan crowd going ’round smashing up up industrial egg farms?
            Before ye know it, he’s living on a commune in Caherciveen and involved in a plot to use Kerrygold to spread salmonella

            Just saying

            Ye never know when the rights and protections guaranteed to an Irish Citizen might come in handy

          12. Boj

            With all due respect V, you have written plenty of stuff around these parts and I’m usually quite close to agreement on most points but jesus would you listen to yourself? Disturbingly you are now using flippancy and attempted humour to support your point on a serious matter. Just think about what you are saying. An ideology is trumping safety, security and common sense. Thats the dangerous bit.

          13. V

            With respect Boj
            Having our own security people take control and escort this person back, under controlled circumstances, and manage her under the Irish jurisdiction absolutely promises safety and security and demonstrates common sense.

            the dangerous bit was leaving her to her own devices to manage her next move, and or leaving it up to the US.

            She is now in the care of the Irish Judicial System, and let the Irish Justice System and Constitution now do its job.

            Shur’ if it’s not to be allowed get on with it, and prove itself, to all of us.
            Then WTF is it there for?

    2. Cú Chulainn

      You couldn’t make it up… ever see the original series of House of Cards ? Written by the Conservative chief of staff.. I’d guess he knew a thing or two about how these things work..

      1. :-Joe

        Interesting.. Is it worth the time / better than the new us version which I’ve only seen a couple?..
        – I was thinking about watching it when I think I heard Clive James mention it in an old yt clip the other day… either that or someone was talking about it on the radio… -Memory running low at the mo…


          1. :-Joe

            Ye, I’ll try and get around to it soon, there hasn’t been much else interesting lately since “The thick of it” or it’s good but weaker cousin “Veep” , cheers.

            If anyone is interested, Clive James Fame In The 20th Century is up on youtube. episode 5 is missing though but not essential. – A kind of humerous brief history of the growth of media, political and celebrity fame and populism leading to facism and authoritarianism and how it developed over the last century. Everyone in the daily school of life should see it..


    3. :-Joe

      Ireland, in terms of foreign policy doesn’t intentionally or directly send arms or troops or meddle into the geo-politics of the middle east.

      Although, if they get past and through the list of us, uk, france, ger and other nato allies they may decide to start attacking indirect supporters further down the list for our open runway policy in shannon. Maybe some disgruntled maniac will decide we are an easier target?..

      We’ve always needed a clear policy on neutrality and a firmer anti-war / nuclear weapons stance but don’t hold your breath with the drought of leadership being shown in this century so far.


      1. Bud Flanagan

        Two words.
        Shannon Airport.
        And you think jihadists differentiate which country infidels come from ?
        You’re even dumber than I first thought.

        1. :-Joe

          Eh… wut ?.. I think your doing that thing again where you try to correct my spelling or is it lack of clarity this time?…

          -Well think again(or for once) your thoughts and comments are usually dumber than average…


  4. GiggidyGoo

    Creed crashing on RTE just now trying to defend Dara Murphy’s non attendance and non contribution to the Dail, yet claiming the expenses.

    1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

      I think it’s the right call.
      He’s done everything on his own terms, he’s bowing out at the very pinnacle as a living legend in Dublin GAA.

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