‘All To Play For’


This morning/afternoon.

Wexford By-Election Count.

Verona Murphy the Fine Gael candidate, with her party’s Director of Elections, Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan after arriving in the count centre at St Joseph’s Club Community Centre, Bishopswater, Wexford. Mr Flanagan, following the third count (above), declared: “It’s all to play for.”

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews


This morning/Afternoon.

Dublin Fingal by-election count.

Green Party candidate Joe O’Brien talks to the media (top) as Fianna Fáil Candidate Lorraine Clifford Lee she arrives at the count centre in the National Show Centre,

Quotas yet to be reached as counting continues (RTÉ)

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

25 thoughts on “‘All To Play For’

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Fair old kicking for the Social Democrats too. And SF. Do you think They will hear the tinkling of pennies dropping?

      1. Ron

        what are you on about it been a kicking for SF? They won the seat in DMW and takes them closer to the prospect of coalition at the next GE

  1. Fearganainm

    And lo, there came one to the place of the tribe of the foreigners (an ancient appellation handed down to us by our revered, traditional Dinnseanchas), who cried “Foreigners are bad! Foreigners are scary! Foreigners will take your jobs and your houses and lie down with your women!” (The latter cry uttered without a blush). And also “Foreigners are going to cause problems sufficient to make you weep and wail and tear out your hair!”

    But the people of the place of the tribe of the foreigners heeded not these warnings (and why would they?) and when time came to elect as their representative one who best reflected their concerns and interests they rejected the one who bleated on and on about foreigners and being first to be eliminated was the fate that befell the crying one.

    And the Sorosites looked on and sniggered. For it gave them feelings of warmth and fuzziness to see the one who cried out against the foreigners being given a smiting by the people of the place of the tribe of the foreigners.

    1. some old queen

      94% of Pakistanis believe that a woman who commits adultery should be stoned to death- does it not follow that the same percentage of Pakistanis now living in Ireland, some illegally, believe the same?

      I am no Gemma fan but ffs- no matter what the law- hanging a live animal by the back legs IS happening and cutting its throat is NOT something we should welcome. The British veterinary society has roundly criticised such practice and despite our paper law- it is long overdue that the Irish did the same.

      Ban it in all forms, including ‘stunned’- The Sharia rule of necessity over obligation negates the requirement so in other words- a demand for Halal is cultural not religious. We are good for culture thanks- including the ‘steamers’- especially the steamers.

      1. Fearganainm

        * Peers at notebook *

        “Didn’t come up at all on the doorsteps…”

        Mind if I file you under ‘Crank’?

        1. some old queen

          Not at all- also what ever other label makes you feel good. I like racist myself but that’s a very crowded pigeon hole these days.

          1. Fearganainm

            But the illogical segue from attitudes to stoning in Pakistan – where, incidentally, no legal lapidation has been carried out – to halal slaughtering smacks more of crankiness than it does racism. A touch of incipient bigotry perhaps but not enough material available to qualify you for the ‘racist’ category. Anyway, I already put you down under ‘Crank’ and I’m not opening my notebook to erase it.

  2. DOC

    LCL is looking well
    And Verona is going to get the beatdown she deserves
    Can you believe Charlie Flanagan is considering running Verona in the GE?
    He said it on the News
    And he said it with a straight face

    1. Ron

      bit she didn’t get a beatdown. for all her comments she polled very well and may indeed be in place for a seat at the next GE. FG will mobilise everything they have at the next GE

  3. Clampers Outside

    GO’D got 4%.


    ….but, but, but, there are NAZIS everywhere!

    Can we put such hysterical nonsense to bed now please.

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