Here Comes The Bride


Hello you!

This morning.

Dublin Airport.

The Turkish Airlines plane carrying Lisa Smith lands and Ms Smith leaves the aircraft with a pink blankie over her head (or gaily-coloured burqa – we may never know) before being ‘nicked’.

Everyone stay cool.

Lisa Smith arrested on suspicion of terrorist offences (RTÉ)

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

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59 thoughts on “Here Comes The Bride

  1. some old queen

    Here comes the bride,

    Forty inches wide,

    It’s not that she’s fond of the doughnuts and buns,

    She just has some Semtex to hide.

          1. Itchysays

            Seriously Cian, what is your point….you spout government rhetoric non stop here regardless of the morals of the argument.
            You refuse to see beyond the Fine Gael stance, whether its housing, homeless or elderly people suffering in A&E…
            You are insufferable in your weak and shameless defense of the government’s policymaking and yet you have the gall to question what laws Lisa Smith has broken ?
            She has broken the very same laws that bind me to my neighbours, and my friends and my friends neighbours and a society we all wish to be a part of.
            Now if you, think you’re being all grown up and want to use the facile and frankly juvenile stance of ‘what laws has she broken’ ….you go ahead and do that.
            It speaks volumes of how disconnected you and your political ilk are regards common sense and societal thinking.
            The very same common sense that hopefully will see Fine Gael and its many apologists like you, wiped out in the general election.
            When you find yourself rubbing sticks together in a self imposed political ice age, wondering how you got there….take a brief moment to revisit your comments……and the thinking they reveal.

            Then again….why bother, you wouldn’t be capable of seeing beyond your own rhetoric.

          2. Cian

            We live in a country with laws.
            If you break the law you should be punished for it.
            If you go to another country and break a law (generally) you can’t be changed here for it. So my question is under Irish law can she be charged with something or are people looking for someone to be jailed because they don’t like her? I find that very scary.

          3. some old queen

            Cian- what is beyond doubt was that she was an ISIS groupie- she agreed with with what they were doing or she would not have gone there. It is now an issue of national security and if she is perceived as a threat then she will be jailed.

            But, she is not alone and a precedent is to be set. I don’t know about you but I do not want anymore of these animals coming back here- I am pretty certain that is a view held by most.

          4. Cian

            SOQ – there is a name for what you are proposing: internment.
            It wasn’t very popular when the British did it to terrorists freedom fights in the North – what makes it acceptable now?

            Personally I really don’t know what should be done with this person – how we treat her will set a precedent – I just hope it is one we can all live with. It may be applied more liberally that you think.

          5. Rob_G

            SOQ & Itchy are right – the state should be allowed to arbitrarily lock people up based on the whim of the mob. And anyone defending the fact that Leo hasn’t appropriated the powers of judiciary for himself is nothing more than a Fine Gael stooge.

          6. some old queen

            And here we go- if you are not this then you must be that- the only label I have is dry clean only?

            Of course due legal process must occur but how can evidence be produced from such a distant environment? If she was not an Irish citizen she would not have had a snowballs chance in hell of being accepted here- but unfortunately, she is.

            Its all fairly academic anyways because one way or another, in some form, she will be incarcerated- if not for terrorism then for her own safety.

          7. Rob_G

            “Of course due legal process must occur but how can evidence be produced from such a distant environment? “

            – therein lies the rub; it is unfortunate that we didn’t have any laws covering people travelling to join Isis at the time, but we didn’t, and as such she probably hasn’t broken any laws here. Which brings us back to locking up people arbitrarily.

            she was not an Irish citizen she would not have had a snowballs chance in hell of being accepted here- but unfortunately, she is.
            – indeed

            in some form, she will be incarcerated- if not for terrorism then for her own safety.” – again, the term for this is ‘mob rule’.

      1. Niallo

        Offences against the state is a pretty wide net, lets the guards lift anyone on suspicion of terrorism, i believe you can be held for up to 40 days without charge.

        1. Cian

          Thanks Niallo. The Offences against the State act casts a pretty wide net (and the original 1939 act allows for interment), but (and it is important) this can only be applied if she is a threat to the Irish State.

          1. Cian

            Oops. My bad. It also applies to an Irish citizen that commits terrorist offences.

            One explicit offence is “instructs or trains another or receives instruction or training in the making or use of firearms or explosives” which goes toward explaining the focus on the allegation of her training 9-year-olds how to shoot.

  2. Lilly

    I dunno, I haven’t heard the interviews with Norma Costello but is it possible she thought she was going to the Islamic equivalent of Lourdes?

  3. Qwerty123

    Imagine the horrific experience she has been subjected too. Imagine the abuse, brainwashing, the fear and guilt.

    Self inflicted? Possibly, doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve compassion, along with her child.

    But no, keep up with the sneering and jokes people. Good work.

      1. Lilly

        No Ryanair-induced PTSD at least. Small mercies. I’d want the Government jet myself. Or Denis’s silver chicken at a push.

    1. Lilly

      My Madrid comment may have come across as a joke but I was pointing out that Islam doesn’t have the monopoly on massacre in the name of religion. I feel for her too in the absence of any real information beyond the surface facts.

      1. Cathal

        Old mad doll runs off to Syria to join fellow head the balls, arse falls out of their plans ,now she comes crying home with random sprog looking for the state to care for her and it for the next 40 years.

        1. Lilly

          Whatever else about her, she doesn’t come across as a sponger. She was in the defence forces before leaving the country. Work-shy people are not generally drawn to army life.

    2. newsjustin

      At the very least she washed dishes for and cheerled for people who very imaginatively and cruely tortured and killed anyone they didn’t like the look of – Yazidis, Christians, gay people, etc, etc. She is a monster. It is right, though, that her child, entirely innocent of all of this, be looked after.

    3. italia'90

      Well said Qwerty
      I was beginning to think that I was the only one here
      who wasn’t going to be influenced by the narrative of the mob
      or the obvious demonisation by the msm/fake news purveyors
      before all the facts, context and circumstances are known?
      She needs to be allowed to tell her side of the story at least
      I’m wondering if she has some uncomfortable truths/facts about
      what was really going on in Syria?
      Ya know a lot of false news and uotright lying was broadcast?
      There’s more to come I’m sure
      Is there any truth to the 2018 rumours about the 22nd Regiment Para’s for instance?
      She handled that BBC interview very well imo, so let her talk, then make up your mind

      If 700 of o’duffy’s blushirts who supported Franco in the name of christianity can return etc etc

      1. V

        And what about the bucks over in Columbia
        or the lads engaged, wined and dined by Gaddafi

        Look it – if she was prozlitising out in Syria in the name of the Legion of Mary they wouldn’t have a word said against her.

        Keep it up lads, and ye’ll have to accept being reminded of a few around here being radicalised by a far right Catholic extremist themselves

        1. some old queen

          Are you actually arguing that Irish people involved in ISIS should be welcomed back here V?

          Plenty of people went away and done things most of us did not approve of but the difference was that when they returned home they were not considered a security risk. Do you honestly think that what recently happened on London Bridge cannot happen here?

          As for the Catholic extremists- well we both know they are far from Catholic and I can only speak for myself- from personal experiences- since when did gay rights become ‘far right’?

          I must have missed that memo so.

          1. Nigel

            In taking her back we’re being a good global citizen, setting a good example for other countries. She’s hardly being welcomed, except with long Garda interviews and investigations. There probably needs to be some sort of international protocol for dealing with ‘foreign fighters.’ God knows they’re doing their bit to keep the profits for arms dealers flowing. Maybe they could be made liable for legal and incarceration costs arising from the conflicts they’re feeding?

        2. italia'90

          Very true V
          I left out the last line of that comment which was;
          “And Gerry Adams the unconvicted war criminal
          for giving the orders for Jean McConville and others
          to be disappeared, is allowed walk around freely at his leisure?”
          The mob can go fupp themselves and one another!

          1. V

            Pretty much laid it out meself for them there over the weekend on one of the ‘Papers

            short memories is only the start of it imo

      2. class wario

        It’s a bit mad to see everybody out for blood on this one. I’d expect it on the journal or facebook or somewhere but it’s even prevalent on what I would call a generally fairly socially conscious site like this

    4. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      Has she rejected ISIS, The Caliphate, denounced their genocide and terrorism? How does she feel about gays, Christians, non- believers?

      If she publicly rejects everything ISIS stood for, then maybe, one day she may get a smidgen of compassion from someone, until then she can fupp off.

  4. Truth in the News

    This is nothing short of a media circus, exactly what has she done, who has she allegedly killed
    Then there is the involvement of Turkey, how have they treated the Kurds, then sending the Army
    Rangers out to collect her, if there was crisis here ,what is their capabilities , could they run a
    power station, contrast that we have allowed Irish Citizens to join foreign armies, and then
    espouse a stance on neutrality, allow armed US military through Shannon Plus CIA sponsored
    rendition traffic……precisely who is running this Country

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