Britischer Oder Irischer?


The cheese choice is yours.

This morning.

Fergus Lenehan tweetz:

Was in Lidl in Leipzig [Germany] today. They had both British and Irish cheddar cheese on the shelves. Turn the packages over & you can see they’re the same cheese, from Cookstown in County Tyrone…Northern Irish identities in action, dominating British & Irish branding?


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23 thoughts on “Britischer Oder Irischer?

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Both statements true, but I notice that the ‘Irischer’ cheddar does not have the Tricolour, but just a shamrock.

    But is is a little bit tactless, I think. Unless they make the cheddar to different recipes. I would definitely say that between cheddar made here (such as Kilmeadan, Dubliner, etc) and English made cheddar, there is a huge difference.

      1. Slightly Bemused

        I know, but it is a brand name made in Ireland, not in the UK, to an Irish recipe for cheddar.

          1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

            Yer man who wrote The Da Vinci Code once told me a terrible cheese pun. I replied “Kill me, Dan!”

  2. Mick

    It’s definitely not British, though. It can be argued that Cookstown is either in Ireland or in the United Kingdom or both, but it’s definitely not British, which is the big island to the East.

    Also, the EC Food label, which all dairy products have, says on both that it is produced in UK.

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