Empty Your Barrel


Blake’s Bar, Letterkenny, County Donegal

Beer pumps for taps.

Kegs for cistern/sink.

In fairness.


Donegal Pub Taps Into New idea For Toilet Makeover (Donegal Daily)

Blake’s Bar

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6 thoughts on “Empty Your Barrel

  1. Paulus

    Clever adaptation;
    but suggesting a connection between beer-barrels and urinals is not the best marketing move!

    (However accurate it may be in some cases).

    1. milk teeth

      There’s a pub in Cardiff where you actually pee into a cut open barrel. I always thought he subtle implication was a pip joined them to the bar and it discouraged me from drinking in that establishment.

    2. :-Joe

      Ye, my first thought too and It makes me wonder does the idea of beer coming out of every liquid fitting make people more or less likely to drink even… well, more or less etc.

      Probably just a different mix of both that balances out to near the same?


  2. Tea And Brexits

    When they introduced the stainless steel urinals in the Stags Head Pub in Dublin (it’s rubbish now), the then Cavan owners lamented it was a wasted chip shop opportunity. Class act.

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