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Tesco, Clearwater, Finglas, Dublin 11

Rob writes:

Tesco are opening a new budget range to compete with Lid and Aldi [in the UK]. They’re calling it Jack’s – not sure it’s the best name? Do you think they’ll bring it to Ireland?


Tesco to launch new discount chain Jack’s next week (The Guardian)


OctavioAburtoFishGroups1 OctavioAburtoFishGroups6 OctavioAburtoFishGroups5 OctavioAburtoFishGroups4 OctavioAburtoFishGroups2
Incredible swirling formations of Crevalle jacks off the coast of Mexico, photographed (possibly in 2012) by marine biologist Octavio Aburto and fellow diver David Castro

Yes they do look like the lads from Finding Nemo.

But no – those were silver moonys, it seems.