That’ll Learn Him


Seán Fitzpatrick

This afternoon.

A decade after the collapse of Anglo Irish Bank and 12 years after he temporarily transferred loans valued at up to €122m without disclosing this fact to the board and the bank’s auditors…

Seán FitzPatrick has been expelled from Chartered Accountants Ireland after a disciplinary tribunal found he had brought discredit on himself and his profession.

They don’t mess around.

Justice at last.

Let this be a warning to others.

Seán FitzPatrick expelled from Chartered Accountants Ireland (RTÉ)


13 thoughts on “That’ll Learn Him

    1. Verbatim

      That’s because they don’t mess about!!

      Your question would be duly processed through the right channels.

  1. V

    I’m a big shouter outer of Bodger’s headers

    But this one absolutely nails it like none other before

    I’m pretty sure if I defied my own profession by blatantly dodgy window dressing activity, so dodgy it crashed a bank and wiped out 1,000s of peoples life’s savings
    If I even once mislead my Board
    Or even attempted to misrepresent the true financial position of a regulated entity

    I’d say the ACCA would have me suspended within a fortnight
    and out and fully mortified within a year

    1. Cian

      The reason they gave for it taking so long is that they wanted to wait until the legal stuff finished. Didn’t want to predjudice anything.

  2. Paulus

    I see his solicitor says it will put Seanie “to the pin of his collar” to pay the €25k fine.

    Time for a whip-round…surely?

  3. italia'90

    Now there is the face of the most dangerous financial bombing fundamentalists
    who shouldn’t be allowed walk the streets
    He and his ilk are our very own and very real crISIS

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