Staying In Tonight?



The Prince And The Epstein Scandal on BBC One at 9pm.

Prince Andrew could be in more trouble after Virginia Roberts Giuffre interview (New York Post)

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10 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

    1. Royal M

      Perhaps they’re interested in things which they find interesting. That’s usually how it works

  1. italia'90

    Can’t remember the girl,
    even when confronted with the photo to trigger the memory.
    Yet remembers that he ate Pizza that night.
    Probably recalls the topping as well.

    1. I Never Comment Anymore

      One doesn’t visit Woking often you know, on the other hand one does lie with strumpetz on occasion

  2. Chris

    It was quite a boring hour. It did highlight how incredibly creepy Epstein and Robert Maxwell’s daughter were- these billionaires live on a completely different planet. They really don’t see the poor as human beings, just things that can easily controlled with money. They weren’t wrong either.

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