Man Regains Ability To Perspire


From top: Virginia Giuffre on BBC One’s Panorama last night; Britain’s Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein in 2010

Although it aired afterwards, Giuffre was interviewed for Panorama before Prince Andrew’s Newsnight episode was recorded. Perhaps that’s for the best; now she must be taken seriously.

The lasting impression of Giuffre was her immense bravery in facing such towering institutions alone. The sheer strength she possesses is incredible. Forget Prince Andrew; when the dust settles on this, she’s the one who deserves to be remembered.

‘Prince Andrew can’t slink away from this now’ – the TV triumph of Virginia Giuffre (The Guardian)

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3 thoughts on “Man Regains Ability To Perspire

  1. Bebe

    Have to agree with sentiments above. Watched the interview. Virginia G is a credible witness able to explain influences that forced her to perform as an underage victim of sex trafficking. She’s one of the lucky ones – while the abuse has left its mark it has not defined her. A survivor with dignity and courage who speaks her truth against the might of powerful forces. Andrew is toast or pizza as he used to support his diary on day specified over a decade ago ! Well done Virginia G.

  2. Ringsend Incinerator

    Paddy Power giving odds on who will last the longest:

    Prince Andrew
    Hong Kong Protestors
    Maria Bailey
    Victoria’s Secret, Grafton Street

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