Just Put The Tip In


This lunchtime.

Dawson Street, Dublin 2.

A demonstration against the withholding of tips from staff at ‘top’ people’s nosherie The Ivy organised by Solidarity with Ivy Workers “Stop Tip Theft” and Communities Against Low Pay.

Ivy Workers Protest

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18 thoughts on “Just Put The Tip In

  1. Andrew

    This motley crew won’t be happy until the place is closed. Jobs will be lost but at least they will feel good about themselves.
    Have they asked any of the current staff how they feel about things or are they still taking the word of a disgruntled ex-member of staff?
    There are people working and living in this country who are being exploited, some have been trafficked. Staff working in The Ivy fall in to neither category. I wonder is it the fact that this is a British chain that it attracts the ire of these people and an assortment of z listers online?

      1. Andrew

        Nobody is stealing from workers here. You don’t know what you’re talking about. This protest is a disgrace at this point.

          1. Andrew

            I haven’t dined there. Have you asked the employees how they feel?
            Or do you prefer sneering at anyone who questions the legitimacy of this protest .

    1. Iggy

      Yes, Andrew, there are people in worse situations. That does not mean people should just take it in on the chin when their employer steals from them or ignores whichever article of employment law that they don’t agree with. Using trafficking as an example is unfair, heavy handed and, quite frankly, childish of you. Trafficking is far more serious than a breach of employment law. It is a human rights abuse. To compare the two is to compare bananas with elephants. They do not belong in the same category.

        1. Andrew

          This protest is unjustified at this point. Nobody has bothered to ask the staff.
          One disgruntled ex-employee, jeopardising the jobs of all who work there.
          Most protesting don’t care about them though

      1. Andrew

        Their employer is NOT stealing from them. I am calling out hypocrisy here on the part of these protesters, who care about nobody but themselves.

        1. millie vanilly strikes again

          As opposed to the employers, who care about…. Maximising their profits? Because, bottom line, that’s what the role of a business is.

          And their obligation, as employers, is to pay their staff appropriately.

          1. some old queen

            Maximising profits by housing middle aged women with questionable legality and without a word of English in in the depths of winter in thirty year old caravans out the back of Irish farms you mean?

            I can give you eircodes dear- get off that flucking high horse.

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