From Simon Communities of Ireland’s 2018 annual report (click to enlarge)


Simon Communities of Ireland is launching its 15-page annual report for 2018.

It found there was a 26% increase in number of people turning to the group’s services throughout Ireland in 2018 – 16,776 up from 13,304 in 2017.

It follows the Department of Housing releasing the latest homeless figures on Tuesday evening which show there a record high of 10,514 people (6,688 adults and 3,826 children) were living in emergency accommodation in the final week of October.

Read the report in full here

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This morning.

Royal Irish Academy, Dawson Street, Dublin 2.

CEO of Galway Simon Community Karen Golden with National Spokesperson for the Simon Communities, Wayne Stanley, speaking at the launch of the Simon Communities of Ireland launch Annual Report.

Sam Boal/RollingNews

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10 thoughts on “SImon Says

  1. Ger Nalist

    I’ll go first
    Charity brings out report just in time for the giving season at Christmas and finds homelessness is getting worse. Not its fault, obvs, despite the truckloads of cash it gets from government and the public to solve the problem. But sure give it some of your Xmas dosh anyway, or be an unfeeling right-wing Blueshirt.

      1. Dr.Fart

        no need to censor ‘tooty-poop’, broadsheet. it just means an annoyance, derived from ‘tooty poop diddly pumpkin’

        1. Rob_G

          (no it doesn’t); as a medical man, as well as a lech, I would have thought that you were familiar with the meaning of this particular word, Dr. Kildare

        2. Dr.Fart

          hahahahah thats the best censoring yet. tip of the cap, broadsheet.
          wee wee off, rob underscore g. you absolute silly.

  2. wearnicehats

    How does it take 339 days to put 15 pages together. To serve any meaningful purpose it should have been released on January 5th 2019.

  3. Cian

    Anyone understand the Simon Communities structure?

    In the infographic above it says their income for 2018 was €2.4million and expenditure was €2.6million and grants were only 6% of the total.

    But the “Dublin Simon community”, which is part of the Simon Communities, accounts show an income of over €21million (almost half, €11 million, were statuary grants). Weird.

  4. wearnicehats

    That figure is the income purely of The Simon Communities of Ireland. It’s a stand-alone limited company (limited by guarantee which means that none of the directors hold shares). Its role is really to oversee what the rest are doing

    The Dublin Simon Community is itself a stand-alone company limited by guarantee as is Cork Simon Community etc

    They all file separate year-end accounts

    It’s a little disingenuous but quite common – it’s a safer way of doing things so that the whole lot doesn’t get taken down by a disaster in one branch. It also makes it harder to find out what the whole thing is worth of course

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