A spectacular (and very rare) ice halo photographed (on an iPhone) by Michael Schneider this month in the Swiss Alps. According to Schneider, the phenomenon developed gradually as fog dissipated at the top of a ski resort.

The annotated overlay (using information from this site on atmospheric optics) was created by Mark McCaughrean.

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9 thoughts on “Halo You

  1. BIlbo

    Why can I still not post from this without it being checked?
    Seems a bit unfair at this stage but it’s been fixed now so that’s grand.

  2. shayna

    I was just checking out my emails, had one from BT promoting their Halo broadband package – clicked on BS and here it is, “Halo You”. A bit like having a song in one’s head, switch on the radio and the song is playing – I must be in charge of the Universe, or something?

  3. Slightly Bemused

    Frog or no frog, that is a beautiful picture!

    The explanation is cool, too! One more reason to get beaten up in the school corridors :)

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