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David KeenanUnholy Ghosts

A hAon, a do, a tri…

So begins the new single from Dundalk troubadour David Keenan (top), who rounds off a busy year with a rousing celebration of the hobos he meets on his travels.

David says:

“I wrote this song on a train from Amsterdam [Netherlands] to Cologne [Germany], finished it as the train ceased to move, brought it in me to a Chapel in Cologne, sang it for the first time, left the Chapel with a liberated German bible under my arm as a souvenir.

“Reconciling my act of theft with the thought that it would be a useful reference for a line or two at a later date, and that the greater good must prevail…”

David’s debut album A Beginner’s Guide To Bravery drops on January 10.

Nick says: Keen on Keenan.

David Keenan

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11 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Brother Barnabas

    that’s excellent, really, really good

    but david keenan is not going to make it with that haircut

      1. Brother Barnabas

        that may be so, bodger – but seasoned cognoscentes on voguish vagaries like you and i know it doesn’t have to be that way

        and know too that it wasn’t always so – the more astute among us will have recognised david keenan from this [ ] almost 5 years ago

        sensible haircut and a good winter coat back then

  2. Catherine Vaughan

    On a street you’ve never heard of, there’s a wooden piano on it’s last legs in a last chance saloon…

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