Meanwhile, In Pattaya


Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Beach Road, Pattaya, Thailand.

Police were called to a bar at 3.30am where ‘just arrived’ 46-year-old Irish tourist ‘Bart O’Gready’ was lying in the street semi-conscious with bloodied wounds to his face.

J Doe writes:

Now the gentleman in question may have had drink taken (as you can see in the video above), however that being said, apparently he witnessed very young ladies dancing nude and he made a complaint.. then was attacked by up to 10 staff…


Pattaya: No wonder tourists aren’t coming – pack of ten attack “just arrived” Irishman (Thai Visa Nation)

Irish tourist attacked in Pattaya (Bangkok Post)

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6 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Pattaya

    1. Brother Barnabas

      pattaya is beyond hell. i only passed through it, literally a couple of hours but that was enough to see what was going on. i knew it was a sex tourism hub, but didn’t expect to see such blatant child prostitution underway. it’s on every street corner. children as young as 4 and 5. and clusters of usually western paedophiles going about it brazenly without even a hint of shame. it’s the most sickening, horrible place imaginable. this guy obviously got upset about what he was seeing – and that’s really understandable. fair play to him, i say.

  1. Bud Flanagan

    Had to laugh at the Thai forum posters worrying about damaging the name of Pattaya …

    ” Thai posters on the Siam Chon News site were quick to condemn the attack with many saying it was no wonder tourists were not coming anymore.
    “Juraiwan” said: “You had no right to hurt this guy – call the police if there is a problem. That’s just damaging the name of Pattaya and Thailand”.

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