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The Fashion Outlets of Chicago designer clothes mall in Rosemont, Chicago, Illinois, USA

We’re [allegedly] stealing designer nether garments.

In groups.

Seven Irish citizens were arrested in Rosemont for their alleged participation in a retail theft at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago, police said.

An employee at Calvin Klein Underwear called police because three females allegedly had taken store merchandise without paying.

Mall security informed police there were two groups of individuals and that the three females were involved in one of the groups.

Security directed police to a white Dodge Caravan in the parking garage where security witnessed a suspect allegedly get in the vehicle…

Rosemont Police Arrest Seven Irish Citizens For Retail Theft (Rosemont Journal)

Jack Jones writes:

According to police, none of the arrestees wanted to speak to the consulate.
Their initial court date is this morning [10:30 am] at the Rolling Meadows Courthouse [Chicago]….


Why do all the good ones LEAVE?

Gareth Woods and his inflatable protective-vest cooling device for Police, Military and Security personnel.

Gareth Woods.

The vest a man can get.

Kevin Whitty writes:

This is my cousin Gareth Woods, from Carlingford, County Louth who is a cop in Chicago’s West Side…

He’s also Musician (see below) and now an Inventor with the Bluhalo (above) which is seeking funding on indiegogo. . Solving a problem in my opinion, with all the layers the Guards have to wear, who wouldn’t want to be a bit cooler on the job?

iBluehalo I(ndiegogo.


Gareth Woods – I’m A Policeman

For coppers.

Gareth Woods

Hong Kong.

We’re renovating that city.

Donncha O’Brien writes:

I am working as an architect in PMDL, an Australian architecture firm in Hong Kong. Recently we completed a project in the city.

It is a handsome renovation of an old tenement building on a prominent corner in downtown Hong Kong.

What may be of interest is that the project had  three Irish designers/architects working on it – Simon Fallon, myself and Darren Snow.

We recently collaborated with the fantastic YouTube channel Never Too Small and they produced a great short video (above) of the project starring Darren.

The project has been getting great feedback locally, and now, because of the video, is being appreciated by a wider audience. It’s currently on 407,000 views after 2.5 days of being published. We wanted to share a story of some Irish emigres done good!

In fairness.

PMDL Architects

He kept his yokes down under,

For personal use.

Via The Sydney Morning Herald:

An Irish tourist found with 10 MDMA capsules at a Parramatta music festival on Sunday has escaped conviction after he argued the party drug is “not strong enough” in Australia and all of the pills were for his personal use.

David Crean, 32, was arrested at the Ultra Music festival and charged with supplying a prohibited drug after a sniffer dog sat down next to him when he entered Parramatta Park at about 1.45pm.

According to police facts, Mr Crean – who is in Australia on a two-week holiday – was “nervous” and “visibly shaking” when he was spoken to by police, and when an officer asked “be honest, do you have any drugs on you?”, he admitted he had drugs in his underwear.

Mr Crean told police he “did not intend on selling the capsules and planned on consuming all of them himself as the purity of MDMA in Australia is not strong enough”, the facts state.

In fairness.

‘Incredibly foolish’: men sentenced after being found with MDMA at Sydney music festival (SMH)

Thanks Darren C

The entrance to the Auschwitz concentration camp. Poland

The 38-year-old Irish national, whose name is not reported, is said to have scratched his name onto the wall during a visit to the site on Sunday because he had seen other people’s names on it and thought it was the right thing to do.

The man was spotted by the Auschwitz Museum Guards who detained him but he was later released after pleading guilty, according to reports.

Irish tourist who scratched his name onto a wall at Auschwitz pleads guilty to criminal damage, saying he saw other names and ‘thought it was the thing to do’ (Mailonline)

Pic: Wikipedia


The memorial left for victims of the Library Gardens apartment balcony collapse

We’re Irish. We stick together, when we encounter each other far from home. Back in Ireland, we might have all sorts of issues with each other, as any family does, from time to time. Abroad, it’s different. Abroad, we’re a family. The affinities are clearer. They’re low-key important.

Joseph O’Connor, Lament For Berkeley, Sunday Independent


Francis J writes:

I really hope it has changed but In my experience no one treats the Irish worse abroad than the Irish….

Pic: Jeff Chiu


A yes army.

Near the Andes.

Joey Kavanagh writes:

My pal Jo Halpin, currently travelling around South America, sent me this nice clip of a group of Irish people at Salar de Uyuni, (the world’s largest salt flat)Bolivia sending home their support for the upcoming referendum. Nice to see a yes vote on the horizon….


Patrick Lyttle (above with friend) has been discharged from an Australian hospital, a month after he was left critically ill when allegedly punched by his brother.

The Antrim-man, 31, fell and hit his head in Sydney on 3 January.

He was on life support at St Vincent’s Hospital for almost a week before regaining consciousness.

His 33-year-old brother Barry is charged with assault causing grievous bodily harm. He has been released on bail.

First snap of Patrick Lyttle out of hospital (The irish Echo)

Thanks Mark Geary