Another Basket Case Bail-Out


Former FAI CEO John Delaney and Sports Minister Shane Ross

This morning.

Sports Minister Shane Ross gave an interview on RTÉ Radio One’s Morning Ireland when he was asked if was “bailing out” the Football Association of Ireland.

In response, he said:

“I hate that sort of expression. What we’re doing at the moment is we are looking after the €2.9million which we give, which we have been giving to the FAI. We’ve withdrawn that funding and what we’re going to do there, is ensure that that gets to the small clubs.

“We’re going to absolutely ensure that that gets to the players, to the grassroots, and that it doesn’t go near the FAI because the FAI… bail-out is a very pejorative word. But it’s a basket case.

“And to ask the Government to come in and bail it out, when we don’t even know the extent of the black hole there, it’s an appalling vista and to ask us to bail it out? No. That’s not going to happen.

“We want to protect taxpayers’ funding. We also want to protect the grassroots. They’re the important people. We’re interested in football, not so interested in the FAI.

Listen back in full here

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Pic: RTÉ


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7 thoughts on “Another Basket Case Bail-Out

    1. V

      He did
      But my concern is that he’ll start insisting and making demands, that the voting members / delegates should be seen to be doing themselves if the FAI is to have any chance

      Before you know it its going to be another State Boards The Minister seeks to appoint

      The – what’s there in the FAI now I mean, they need to engage a headhunter to source a bullet proof CEO and a Chair; get those two appointments right, and confirmed and they will naturally attract interest from quality independent Directors

      1. I Never Comment Anymore

        What else can he do though V? As he pointed out the FAI have had several months to recruit and put their house in order and have not bothered to do so

        1. V

          It’s blatantly obvious that they had no clue was to what lay hidden in their accounts department, or were even able to interrupt the significance of the impact

          Again, I’ll mention the monthly minutes and board packs, lads either didn’t bother opening them and prepping in advance to question etc, which btw happens on every board, or they just took everything as read because their then CEO told them so.

          But whatever the solution is, the current crop of voting members and delegates, including all the current memberships, field officers and Senior Staff, and yes even the current Directors must be part of the solution.

          Having said that they all need a crash course – like Directors Induction Training and Mandatory Ethics training. And their noses must be dipped into Conflict of Interest and the Definition of Independence – hourly even. They all need to recognise that they are all biased and they are all a risk to the organisation, so they need to be able to appreciate and respect the person who is free from all that possible influence.

          They simply have not grasped the concept of Independence and to be free from Conflict.

          Otherwise there will be a gap in Organised Soccer in Ireland. And there is no way the National Side “interests” will let them away with that, and it will be 100 times harder for the FAI to recover

          Seriously the very best option for them now is to appoint an Administrator and give the organisation the protection of the Court, while they get their house in order.

          I’ve no doubt they can come out of this within 5 years.

          1. V

            Well, here’s a thing

            All new Director’s into a Credit Union must complete Induction Training
            The ILCU run a two day one for its affialted CU Members

            And all directors must complete mandatory cpds per annum, of which, Ethics AML and Data Protection are annual requirements

            I don’t see why Directors in any other NPF / public interest etc entity should be any different

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