From top: Chair of the Public Accounts Committee Seán Fleming; clerk of the Dáil Peter Finnegan, a Komori offset printer; live link to today’s Public Accounts Committee meeting

This morning.

The Public Accounts Committee asked the clerk of the Dáil Peter Finnegan and representatives of the OPW to appear before the committee at 3pm to answer questions about the controversial Oireachtas printer.

It follows reports last night that the total cost of the printer has reached around €1.8million, €200,000 more than the €1.6million outlined by the Oireachtas two weeks ago.

It also follows the publication of Mr Finnegan’s report on the purchase of the Komori printing press, which is located in the basement of Kildare House.

Previously: “I Was Advised That The Estimated Cost Was €230,000”


The meeting can be watched in the link above or here.

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4 thoughts on “Free At 3pm?

  1. V

    D’ye know
    I’m beginning to think that Printer should be Person of the Year

    Building works upon building works, PAC hearings, OPW architects and engineers, highly sophisticated but still offering to dry a lad’s pants, own parking space for the fork-lift, specially trained handlers, minders and stylists

    what does the Broadsheet jury think?
    One for the short list?

  2. Paulus

    By now you’ll have heard the sad story
    of a move which was not dilatory.
    They-should have waited and pondered,
    instead money they squandered
    on the printer they bought from Komori

  3. Broadbag

    Hmmm, someone made a god awful mess of the printer thing and should be brought to book, however, including the tweet about welfare fraud implies the two are connected. We should just cease investigating any fraud by Joe public because of the printer scandal, is that it? At least it makes a change from ‘the bankers are the real ones who should be investigated.’

  4. V

    You know I bought a new fridge there in the last few weeks
    and the model specs came with a Space Programme worth of dimensions from all sorts of angles

    it even had clearance dims
    even for the lads hauling it into place

    just saying

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