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  1. some old queen

    Has Shane MacGowan had a stroke? Kind of looks like it. Singing with Philomena Begley was a rather unusual pairing. The whole Late Late last night was like a living wake. It reminded me why when I lived there, I avoided that London Irish scene like the plague – penny whistle bullpoo to the max.

    As for Fairytale of New York- it may be a good song but it would be nice to get through one Christmas without ever hearing it- then again it could be said for the other 20 odd Christmas songs which are also played on rotation.

        1. bertie blenkinsop

          Like the old joke,

          “Unlucky for so…”
          HANG ON, 14 isn’t unlucky for some!
          “It was for you love”.

    1. Clampers Outside

      The “tolerant” left, “Momentum”, Antifa…. this behaviour of not accepting the democratic will of the vote is to be expected from these actual groups of genuinely hateful bigots.

      1. some old queen

        There is noting tolerant about that shower of thugs- ‘anti fascists behaving like fascists’ is the best description I have heard.

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      48% for Brexit parties, 52% for remain parties…what a great democracy the Brits have.

      1. D

        where did you get the idea that labour were a remain party?
        they were ‘another referendum’ party, with a pro brexit leader who wanted to ‘remain neutral’

        1. Clampers Outside


          And for clarification, imo, he only remained neutral to hide the fact he’d be pro-brexit if he showed his cards, which his history more than showsvto be the case.
          He was too chicken to go that route, and took the fence to sit on and let someone else have a go so he could come in as some sort of white knight saviour to clean up the mess. A tactic that has back fired magnificently.

          Like Dems in the US in 2016, they lost because they took the voters for fools and long abandoned their core voter base. Pure arrogance.

          1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

            “Get Brexit done” – It was the Tories that took the voters for fools and were proven right. Trump did it in the USA, the Libs did it in Australia.

          2. Clampers Outside

            They’ve been proven right?… on an election result a day old?

            Proven what? Proven right about what?

          3. scottser

            So when Ron runs for teashock in February all he needs is a three word slogan, a pack of lies and a neck like a jockey’s bollox to win.
            Nick should do a competition on here for the best one..

          4. Ron

            only true daw jaws get triggered about being called daw jawed. it cut a to the truth.

            Please don’t bring me into your circle of stupidity, I’d be afraid of what I would catch of you.

      2. V

        Ara’ would ya stop with the 48:52
        The biggest voting block against the Tories is Labour

        And since they as a group didn’t know whether they were staying or going their vote scattered all over that 48:52

        The Tories now have an enormous right to do what they like for the next five years thanks to Labour’s own flakey position on the biggest decision have had to make since 1939

        The Tories – everyone of them bought into a fixed three word leadership mission
        And stuck to it, and there’s wasn’t a voter in the entire UK that didn’t know about it
        Whereas Labour appeared to be running out of issues to put their names to

        Watch Fine Gael now do the same – a three word campaign and a mid 50s whip count in the next Dáil

      3. Ringsend Incinerator

        Its NOT 52%.

        Labour are not Remain. Officially “Neutral” (FACT).

        In reality Labour are as anti-EU as the ERG.

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      “The last three years have demonstrated nothing more than they have demonstrated that the Dublin media, and the Irish establishment at large, have zero understanding of our nearest neighbour, and zero desire to understand it. The Irish establishment identifies with remainers and nationalists, and therefore it thinks, and perceives the world, only as remainers and nationalists do.”

      What tosh! What is there to understand about Brexiteers? They vote for an idiot like Boris. They vote against their own best interests. The Tories have been in power for 9 years, the country is going to the dogs and they give him 5 more years. The Irish education system is a lot better than the English one. Why are the Scots not besotted with the Tories and Brexit, if it is such a good idea? Why don’t the other countries in Europe rise up against the “Brussels dictatorship”? Because it is bollox. Murdoch and Eton elites – let’s call them the establishment, are the problem. I look forward to you telling me why Ireland should be rejoining the UK, to be part of the sunny uplands.

      1. Bud Flanagan

        Erasmus NutSedge will be the next man out of the Tardis.
        Nice chap.Horny-handed son of the soil.
        Partial to a libation.
        Have a good Christmas.

    1. V

      It’s the Santy Hats and Christmas Geansais I’m looking forward to

      And of course the doggies in their Christmas clothes

  2. Ron

    A February election. time for all the daw jawed electorate in Ireland to dust of there boots and go out and re elect the political filth that have literally been bending the electorate over and urinating on the political institutions they were elected too.

    Elections are one of those interesting occasions in Ireland where the collective stupidity of the daw jaws comes together in one massive group to make the worst possible decision.

    Meanwhile, the daw jaws like to tell others about how smart they are using the words and soundbytes of the hacks and hangers on who canvass for them.

    imagine out of a country the size of Ireland and the daw jaws effectively managed to elect more then 140 of the thickest, most inept, most incompetent scrotes we have in this country.

    I look forward to seeing gombeenism and just plain stupidity take over at the next election and I know that the daw jawed electorate, many of which live on here, can reach new lows in terms of stupidity.

  3. Ron

    Where’s all the daw jaws gone that spent the past months contaminating us all with their diatribe of stupidity. You know the ones that were trying to convince everyone that they were the smartest daw jaws in the room and they knew better about what’s needed for the Brits. The ones that said the Brits didn’t understand what they were voting for in Brexit? Where are they all gone?

    Well at least those daw jaws are consistent about always being daw jawed and wrong.

    Well done daw jaws, can’t wait for you all to bring your special brand of stupidity to the Irish GE. I’m mildly curious to see you all reach new levels of stupidity. it must be an Irish thing.

    1. Nigel

      I’m trying to understand what you’re saying. Brexit is still an atrocious policy. Or is it only Irish voters that can be ‘daw jaws?’ That’s pretty daw jawed, if you don’t mind my saying so.

        1. Nigel

          When did the majority of people voting for something you disagree with ever stop you calling them daw jaws or some such?

          1. Ron

            When you need it explained to you, you have already lost. Unfortunately, I’ve had my quota of stupidity for the week. Let’s talk Monday! Have a great weekend daw jaws

          2. Ron

            Well… No… it’s not really unsurprising I’ve had my quota of stupidity considering the stupidity on here.

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