When The Band Finished Playing They Howled


From top: Glen Hansard and Lisa O Neill perform ‘A Rainy Night in Soho’; Aiden Gillen (left) with Patrick Bergin, who performed a spoken word version of ‘The Old Main Drag; and Shane MacGowan with Philomena Begley after their rendition of ‘Fairytale of New York’

Last night.

The Late Late Show.

A Long-overdue tribute to Shane MacGowan was punctuated by performances – some controversial – of Shane’s music by sleb fans.

Such as…

Ah here.

How was it for you?


The Late Late Show tribute to the singer took place in a mock bar complete with pints of stout.

Following the segment, Alcohol Action Ireland said it was regrettable the broadcaster would seek to normalise the impact of alcohol on people and reinforce cultural stereotypes.

RTÉ said the barroom setting was chosen as “such locations were for Shane’s musical career and a backdrop to his music and lyrics.”


RTÉ defends use of pub setting in Late Late Show’s Shane MacGowan tribute (BreakingNews)

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32 thoughts on “When The Band Finished Playing They Howled

  1. Ringsend Incinerator

    I believe the drinks were props from the Fair City set?

    As for Philomena Begley…. why was this woman even invited?

  2. Praetorian.

    Watching Shane McGowan last night was just a pair of shades away from a Weekend at Bernies.

    Turdbury again was just dreadful.

    1. shayna

      I was at the Fleadh in Finsbury Park, London, in the late 80s – Van Morrison and Bob Dylan headlined. The Pogues made a guest appearance with Kirsty MacColl – they played Fairytale of New York – Spider Stacy stood behind Shane McGowan, propped him up on stage and sang Shane’s lyrics. It was more a Basil Brush and Mr. Roy thing than a weekend at Bernies. (Also, I know I’m too late for the Golden Discs Fav Xmas Comp – this is mine).

      1. some old queen

        Mr MacGowan was born in Kent, England and attended the Westminster private school in London- his parents may have been Irish but he is as plastic as they come.

        1. some old queen

          Jarry’s shaded grey heat rolled hair do looked gorgeous btw- a full two week’s Universal Credit- at least.

        2. Lilly

          He’s London-Irish and has never pretended to be anything else. Spent most of his summers on a farm in Tipp (I think). And won a scholarship to Westminster. (Got kicked out because even then he liked being off his head). I once heard him being interviewed relatively sober and he was most interesting. Watch a few Tom Murphy’s plays to understand how and why emigrants and their children held onto their Irishness at all costs.

          1. some old queen

            Oh I have no doubt he is intelligent but he did make a career out of being the pee’ed up paddy. As someone who hovered around the outskirts of that scene for years, it was as clichéd as they come- so much so that at times I wondered if they were just extracting the urine.

          1. shayna

            They were still the Pogues then, Shane McGowan was still “fronting” – when he took a “sabbatical “, they were known as the Popes.

          2. bisted

            …I missed their set at Finsbury park because I was just arriving when they were on stage…but it was the Popes and Shane McGowan…how am I so sure?…well my brother had got me a back stage pass and was chatting with a guy who should have been playing with the Popes…the band had sacked him a few days before for abusing drink and drugs…a d Shane McGowan stood on my toe coming off stage…

        1. scottser

          Last time I saw the pogues was the .023 back in 2003. Shane was in incredible form and even managed to balance a pint on his head. That’s how I’ll remember him, not the car crash from the other night

          1. shayna

            I’m entirely tempted to watch the show from the other night, but whatwith the buffering I experience watching RTÉ Player in Belfast and the pairing of Philomena Begley (Tyrone’s Queen of Country Music) and Shane McGowan – did that really happen? – I’m courageously opting not to watch.

  3. Ron

    2 Observations:

    1:- The fact that someone in an organisation took it upon themselves to be so outraged by a set on the late late show, to be that outraged that they issue a focking press release on a Saturday. That’s a symptom of the daw jaw malaise that the Irish people have embraced with open arms. Yes alcoholism is a problem bla bla bla bla bla. There are a lot bigger problems in this country that need tackling first, and it’s the reason why organisations like this are completely ineffective at what they do. There a bit like the social democrats who tweet their outrage about everything every hour and it has the net effect of important messages getting lost in their rambling, incoherent streams of conscious thought. They then contaminate others with their child like ramblings and tantrums of stupidity. Think Simpsons.. won’t somebody think of the children! Less outrage about EVERYTHING and more focused advocacy that’s realistic in its outcome.

    2:- Anyone who gets offended by the lyrics of Fairy tale of New York, take a step to the front of the line. You are the leaders of the Daw Jaw Brigade in Ireland. Catch yourselves on and stop trying to make everything so personal to your pathetic dramatic lives. It must be exhausting for you all to have to comb through everything in such detail to find the angle on it where you can tweet about how offended you all are. Catch yourselves on!

    In the real world, the Pogues and Kirsty MacColl were hardly renowned for their homophobic ways – she covered Cole Porter and Noel Coward for the Red, Hot and Blue Aids charity while Shane MacGowan still hangs around with a marvellously epicene butler. The Pogues also presented gays with a big Christmas present in – a cameo role from Matt Dillon, who in 1987 was at the height of his considerable beauty

    Time for all you who are offended to become an adult and I was gonna suggest that you grow a pair, but I’m sure that will offend most of you also

    How much more daw jawed can the people of Ireland become

  4. Dhaughton99

    Not worth the taxi fare never mind the fee. Still, at least they now have 2 days of content for talk radio.

  5. some old queen

    I would have thought that the state of MacGowan was the perfect anti drinking advert- in any setting.

  6. GiggidyGoo

    One thing not knowing the words, but not being able to spell it is a different kettle of fish – Alice.

  7. V

    I wouldn’t want to be in a sing some with ye
    I’ve never kicked off a song I didn’t mangle the words of

  8. George

    “National stereotype” says someone who is clearly not familiar with the lyrics of Shane McGowan’s music.
    7 out of 11 songs on their first album mention alcohol.

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