Free Speech Comes Dropping Slow


This afternoon.

Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

Gardai and protesters from separate, opposing rallies [see below] clash outside Leinster House.

Three arrests after anti-racism, free speech protests in Dublin (RTÉ)



This afternoon.

Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

Under the pale male gaze of WB Yeats, muffled-up members of ‘Feminists Against Fascists’ (above) assemble outside Leinster House at the reportedly state-sanctioned Solidarity Alliance against Racism and Fascism (SARF) Rally for Peace on Earth and Against The Politics of Hate.

Confusingly, this Santifa rally is a counter-rally to a Protect Free Speech demonstration (pics 2 and 3) across Kildare street happening at  the same time organised by Yellow Vest Ireland.

One thing we can all agree on.

The ski mask is this season’s go to accessory for the stylish millennial.


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90 thoughts on “Free Speech Comes Dropping Slow

      1. some old queen

        I think you’ll find they are- I was an LGBT activist before some of these clowns were even born- they do not speak for me or anyone I know.

        1. Ron

          As I said notions about yourself. You should read up on a concept called the Drama Triangle. it might help bring some clarity to your emotions.

          1. some old queen

            Antifia thugs- lesbian or otherwise do not speak for the gay community in any shape or form- comprende?

    1. Sham Bob

      Well there’s intense photography by both sides so there’s a good reason for protecting your identity, Some, if that is your real name!

      1. some old queen

        Free speech vs anti hate speech- two perfectly legitimate viewpoints to hold so what is the problem with being identified- on either side?

        No, my real name is Princess and yapping on a website is not the same thing at all- despite being on many a political rally I have never covered my face in public in my life- it is sinister and imo infers cowardice.

          1. Clampers Outside

            Covering your face as if waiting to start a fight as Antifa have a history of doing is not the same as protesting in response to a repressive government for basic democratic freedoms.
            The HK protestors did protest peacefully without masks at first (which Antifa haven’t done) until that govt got heavy handed.
            They now wear masks for protection from that repressive govt as opposed to Antifa wearing masks so they are not recognised for their tactics of intimidating anyone who disagrees with their views, their repressive commie desires to be implemented at any cost, including violence, and even violence towards the innocent should they get in the way.
            Comparing this well demonstrated thuggery of Antifa to the HK protesters is beyond stupid.

            Did I really need to explain that difference pet…
            It is sad that I did have to.

          2. Clampers Outside

            In short, context is important. The groups you compare do not start from the same position.

            Any group that walks down a street or blocks a building or whatever while wearing masks without any provocation and yet claiming to be peaceful I will not trust. The HK protestors did not initially do this to begin with, and masks came later after provocation from a repressive govt. Again, context is important.

          3. jamesjoist

            do you not think , given the global ‘real politics ‘ that there might be a chance of British or American agent provocateurs heavily involved in the Hong Kong protests ?

          4. some old queen

            Were you there to count who concealed most Ngel? Make up doesn’t count- in any of the 32 genders.

          5. Bobby

            Antifa us short for antifa and includes all forms of opposing Fascism. My Anti-Fascism is volunteering with a youth group in Dublin 7. Antifa has been a working idea since the 1930s.

            But let clampers tell you all about it, I’d say he’s seen absolutely loads if Twitter and instagram posts about antifa and gets the full history and nuances.

        1. Ghost of Yep

          If you think that empty headed charlatan deserves anything more than ridicule you need to hit the books buddy.

  1. Termagant

    I don’t know who’s protesting who anymore
    But I don’t see how you can call yourself anti-fascist while also putting free speech in inverted commas, it’s the most fundamental political freedom

    1. Nigel

      Well obviously if these people are really fascists hiding behind free speech, a fundamental political freedon antithetical to fascism, then inverted commas would seem appropriate.

    2. some old queen

      It is a left wing generational thing- you don’t like what someone is saying- slap a label on it and shut the conversation down- which is a lot closer to what they claim to be against than they would ever care to admit.

      The Left have lost the ability to debate which is the complete opposite of twenty or thirty years ago- so, the right are claiming the intellectual high ground. But as you say- free speech- including things you don’t like- is actually a fundamental component of any democracy.

      1. Ron

        I really hope that you get the help you clearly need, but with the state of our health service, I have a feeling were all going to have to suffer the continued emotional diatribe that you have become accustomed to writing. I want you to know I don’t blame you, I blame the system that allowed you to come to this.

      2. Nigel

        Yeah, the label-happy left shutting down conversations with their ‘snowflakes’ and ‘sjws’ and ‘cucks’ and ‘libtards’ and ‘soyboys’ and ‘triggeredlol’ and ‘remoaners’ and ‘normies’ and ‘waaaaaycism’ and ‘nevertrumpers’ and ‘babykillers’ and ‘feminazis.’ Truly the intellectual high ground belongs to the right.

    3. George

      The people in this “free speech” protest are actually upset because their racism is being called out as racism. Free speech is in quotes as it is actually a proxy for “racist speech”.

      1. NobleLocks

        What an appallingly stupid opinion to hold. Free speech has been a bastion of western thinking since the time of the Greeks. Yet in a Galatically entitled and laughably conceited fashion people who think like you come along and think you’re better than everyone else and “it’s ok when we do it as it’s not really fascism”.

        Too far east is west sunshine and all of these masked little cowards whining about feminism and pretending to be anti-fascist are just wannabe thugs. In reality, those who attack free speech are the Fascists as they are using EXACTLY the tactics the Nazi’s used.

        Antifa = fascists wannabe thugs. Too far east is west.

  2. LeopoldGloom

    remarkable how those who don’t want the laws, are the ones who also want to mask their identiy at all. IT’s almost as if they’re bile filled, moronic fascist nutjobs

      1. Chimpy

        That’s what I was thinking. Not meaning to sound like a bit of a sheep following the flock but If I had been walking past i’d have asked “whats all this about and does it concern me?”. No, it doesnt? Ah well grand so, fire ahead.

  3. James russell

    we’ve seen in the United states and now the UK when “free speech” is allowed to go unchecked, we have literal nazis in the white house and no 10

    1. V

      Utterances you don’t support or agree with
      Or are a victim of
      Should to be challenged

      Checked? I don’t think so
      What’s next – dubbing over?

      1. some old queen

        The problem there is that when you challenge or debate, you are also offering your own opinion up for scrutiny- you must be willing to accept that YOU may be wrong rather than the other person, and that takes a certain level of maturity.

        But, some of the most well thought out people I have ever met loved a good debate and in some cases took pleasure in being proven wrong. It was the debate they enjoyed rather than a need to be proven right all the time- which is a very healthy approach.

        Salman Rushdie- he of The Satanic Verses and subsequent fatwā has some interesting things to say on the subject- especially about how modern day political students argue from an emotional rather than logical perspective, and why they then demand rules or laws to protect their feelings.

  4. f_lawless

    Seems to me there’s a common thread of tribalism and fear-based politics on both sides of the spectrum. It’s possible to see echoes of fascistic traits in anti-immigration protestors but also in those advocating for an increase in the State’s power to dictate what acceptable speech is – but does it really help matters to label people as outright “fascists” or does it just increase polarisation? Even as far back as 1946, George Orwell wrote “The word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies ‘something not desirable’ ’” He warned about the dangers of general political discourse descending into the use of hackneyed phrases – that it induces in us a “reduced state of consciousness … favorable to political conformity.” and leaves us more vulnerable to ideological control.

      1. some old queen


        It kind of reminds of the ‘reds under the bed’ thing except now the roles have been reversed.

    1. Nigel

      Ah yes, ‘both sides.’ Now there’s a hackneyed phrase to inspire a reduced state of consciousness favourable to political conformity.

      1. f_lawless

        Sorry Nigel, I’m just nowhere near the same league of political commentating as Orwell. I’ll try to phrase it better next time. That’s all I can do.

        You don’t agree that there’s tribalism at play here? Everyone’s there with an open mind ready to listen to their fellow citizen, challenge the perspectives they don’t agree with, before trying to reach a resolution?

        1. Nigel

          I’m sorry I’ve developed a deplorable bias against the far right and somehow can’t open my mind to their perspective that immigrants are bad, as are gays and trans and feminists, and that climate change isn’t real and that by finding their views deplorable I am oppressing their freedom of speech so to my mind the only acceptable resolution is that they are politically and culturally opposed at every opportunity.

          1. some old queen

            Ah here Nigel- do not lump us in with those thugs.

            The rally for peace crew were being physically held back by security people apparently- just read that again- The rally for PEACE crew were being PHYSICALLY held back…- now that should tell you something- no?

            And further more- did Trócaire etc realise that they were actually attending a counter demonstration because the other was organised long before.

          2. Nigel

            Not lumping you in with anyone, SOQ, and while I don’t condone violence, nor do I condone giving the far right an inch, let alone the benefit of any doubt.

          3. Nigel

            Here’s Dorethy with an open mind ready to listen to their fellow citizen, challenge the perspectives they don’t agree with, before trying to reach a resolution.

          4. Nigel

            Oh my God you mean when you screamed about being sent to the GULAG you were being sarcastic? How on earth could I have missed that! D’Oh!

    2. Bobby

      I oppose Fascism and ideologically oppose the institutions of the State (living within and against Capitlaism). I don’t want more laws and I went out on Sat because some half-well organised white supremacists with links to neo-Nazi movements in the UK, Spain, Italy, and the extremely deadly Golden Dawn in Greece were mobilising under the banner of free speech. I don’t want neo-Nazis on the street because 6 million dead Jews is quite enough for me. This isn’t a big theoretical debate, if Nazis get power in any institution we can watch a repeat of the Fascist and ultra nationalists States throughout the world. I’m alright for torture and death nice one.

      We’re not two threads mate. One calls for eradication of vulnerable minorities and history shows how methodological they are at extermination, the other calls for eradication of Nazism. We’re not compatible.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        No idea SOQ. But that video reinforces the contention that he was indeed a plant at the Google thing.

        1. Bobby

          He is one of the only Neo-Nazis around who feels brave enough to do the Seig Heil Nazi salute. The far right are dumbfounded that a Seig Heiling Nazi wants to join their demo full of ultra Nationalist Catholic extremists and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists.

          But he’s a plant. Because everything is a conspiracy to them, and there’s usually one rich man from a certain ethnic background that is to blame for it all.

          He is a Nazi at a racist, transphobic, sexist, homophobic, right wing rally. No conspiracy.

          1. Bobby

            Remember when people condemned Nazi salutes. My goodness we’ve come a long long way in a very short time.

            Everything is a conspiracy.

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