These Gifts We Bring


This morning/afternoon.

State Street Corporation, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2.

Members of Extinction Rebellion deliver  ‘Three Christmas gifts’  to the State Street Corporation on behalf of the oil, coal and gas industries and  “for the billions in State Street managed assets that enable these industries to destroy our planet”.



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7 thoughts on “These Gifts We Bring

    1. Spud

      Have you seen the state of some of the runners these days?
      The size of the feckin sole is beyond a joke.
      Tis the fashion it seems.

  1. d

    The poor garda in the picture. it looks like he is bowing his head with his eyes closed. im imagining he is thinking this through in his head and if there is some shame on his part, even though he’s only a small part of the ‘establishment’, he is on the front line.

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