26 thoughts on “You Can’t Win Anything With Kids

  1. Tomm

    It’s a demographics problem. This swing to the right around the western world is due to an ageing population.

    So the older generations have enjoyed much longer lives thanks to various social policies and now they are voting to remove them. Delightful folk.

    1. Dr.Fart

      yea, they annihilated the environment and tanked the economy, and all they have to do is sit back and wait to die. but no. they have to fupp it up some more for the people who will be around for a lot longer than they will.

    1. scottser

      It’s usually the older you get, the more you rely on public services. Older folk shouldn’t even consider voting Tory or blushirt. Unless you’re loaded, like.

  2. Clampers Outside

    Remember when Jamelia called for the vote to be stripped from over 75s?

    Don’t for a minute think that the “young” don’t have an authoritarian streak :0)

    #Shelebs #Yoofs

  3. Zaccone

    Further proof that over 80s shouldn’t be allowed to vote. If they’re unlikely to be around for the results of their vote then they really shouldn’t get a say.

      1. scottser

        When the Athenians invented democracy they had a third house, the boule. Nobody got a vote until you did your stint in it. I believe we should bring in national service for everyone and you get sod all unless you do your bit.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      David Attenborough is 93. Look at the amount of scientific broadcasting, educational and campaign work he’s done in the last 13 years. Over 80s don’t matter?

  4. italia'90

    What % of conservative voters who voted to remain
    during the Brexit referendum voted conservative in this GE,
    woud be a good statistic to have?
    I know a few so there must be a decent %?

  5. scundered

    When you are young you want to change everything around you, and old people are just stupid, but as you get older you grow to hate change, it’s confusing, and you prefer the relative peace you have worked for, and kids are stupid.

    Moral of the story is that everyone else is stupid at all times of your life.

    1. Tomm

      You go senile and only look backwards to when you were young and all your mates were alive. Also less foreigners to remind you that the world has changed.

        1. shayna

          When you talked about Estranged – was it the protaganist in Camus’ L’Etranger that came to mind? “Maman est morte”?

  6. Clampers Outside

    Interviewer: You were a Marxist at one time in your life. Most people find that hard to believe.

    Thomas Sowell “It’s not that unusual. Most of the leading Conservatives of our time did not start off as Conservatives. You got a couple like Bill Buckley and George Will… Milton Friedman was a Liberal and a Keynesian… Hayek was a Socialist… Ronald Reagan was so far Left at one point the FBI was following him.”

    Interviewer: And what was your wake up to what was wrong with that line of thinking?

    TS: “Facts.”


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