24 thoughts on “Whatever We Say Don’t Stop

  1. Captain Pants

    Snowflake, echo chamber, Islington dinner parties, chattering classes, white van man, mix and repeat.

  2. jonathan shortall

    You see, the key to ensuring we win the next election is to be even more sanctimonious and tone-deaf towards voters.

      1. Harry

        Yeah, good point. We should do the right thing by the electorate and provide all the stats for Tory damage to the country over the last ten years, evidence from Johnson’s own mouth of homophobia, racism, classism, favouritism towards the banks, contempt for firefighters and NHS staff, and anti-semitism, then provide documentary proof of their intent to sell off the NHS and Russsian interference in the Brexit referendum… what’s that?… Someone already did all that?… and the electorate voted them in again anyway?
        We should be less tone-deaf next time.

    1. :-Joe

      Your buying into cliche sloganeering by the tory’s and this distraction of the “liberal elite” remoaners.

      If your an average citizen with average ability to disemminate information from the media around you and the Brexit lies convinced you it was the right thing to do in the first place, that’s understandable.

      If despite the lies and the tory agenda of disinformation was not enough to demand or accept another referendum then “we voted leave what about democracy” is a weak and daft argument but fair enough.

      Just to be sure, Leave.eu and then the Brexit party after getting your data without your consent spent 36 months bombarding you with psychological profile based targeted adverts, spin, smears and propaganda beyond anything you could even understand let alone explain.. all against the only hope of ending austerity and making your lives a lot better and a lot faster…

      .. After all that, I’m pretty sure you would be a turkey voting for the son of a supernatural god on his birthday too..

      Just on that alone before you add up all the other usual dirty tricks of the tory’s various aspects of electioneering.

      Britain is an english tory(elitist,classist,racist,etc.,etc.), westminster-run oligarchy, it’s no wonder Scotland are desperate to get out.


  3. AssPants

    Did they vote wrong again in the UK?

    Damn voters with their big ideas; using their vote as they chose, how dare they……

    1. Harry

      Well, they only voted wrongly if you mean in terms of their incomes, healthcare, freedom of movement, employee rights, racial equality, welfare or environment.
      Otherwise their clown might be occasionally entertaining!

    2. Termagant

      I’m not sure you’re fully informed here AssPants. London didn’t vote for Boris, so it doesn’t count. If London doesn’t get what it wants then the results are wrong.

      1. Harry

        Careful, Pedeyw, that was awfully rational and sensible for a comment thread under a simple, humorous cartoon.

  4. :-Joe

    Voting tory is admitting to be either deluded and ignorant or if not, then openly admitting you are a racist and you hate poor and unfortunate people and would be quite happy to watch them die.

    I look at the two eejit’s on all fours propping up Kevin(If his parents stayed in Europe) from Home Alone and the real problem of the tory system (greed, averice and cruelty of the 99% for the benefit of only and ncluding themselves as the aspiring 1%) and I think of, guess who?.. Wait for it…

    Fud Blahblahonandonagain and Tea and no braincells… Congratulations lads, openly supporters of racist, classist and inhumane policies against the 99% of society or maybe/most probably just arrogant, ignorant and deluded eejits.


      1. :-Joe

        “I know you are but what am I?” is a really good and fun way to argue or try to troll people and bring them down to your level or just to muddy the situation to turn it into a complete farce to avoid having to lose the debate on any particular issue.

        .. Assuming that is, you’re a child arguing for the sake of personal pride with nothing else useful to draw from to add to the discussion.


        1. Clampers Outside

          I thought you were doing a good job trolling, judging and bringing people down to your own level all by yourself, in fairness.

          1. :-Joe

            Ahh.. Clamp’s.. Not you too, have you jumped on the bandwagon and lurched to the right in this recent colder climate?…

            Ye, my shit stinks as bad as anyone else’s but I’ve only made a considered judgement in trolling the trolls, particularly the eejits who take great pleasure in coagulating together to spread ignorant extremist lies, smears and propaganda that some others might confuse as typical harmless discourse on here.

            If you were an eejit intentionally spreading stupid nonsense with arrogant pride I wouldn’t think twice to treat you with the same contempt and would expect it from you or anyone else in return for the same.

            … In fairness.


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